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How to Keep Construction Tools and Equipment Safe on a Jobsite



The construction industry loses almost 1 billion dollars each year to theft on their job sites. In an industry where delays cost significant amounts of money, it’s good to take steps to prevent these losses.

Are you looking for practical solutions to prevent theft on your job site? Here are some tips to help you keep your construction tools and materials secure.

Control Access to the Site

Have a single point of entry and exit monitored by the security crew. This cuts down on traffic and prevents the public from wandering onto your site. That supports construction site safety and keeps your construction equipment away from prying eyes.

Fences and barriers will slow thieves down and make taking things from your worksite more difficult. You can use GPS to track movement and behavior on larger sites using mobile phones.

Provide Secure Storage

As a successful contractor, you need reliable storage for every job site. Find dependable outdoor storage buildings that are well made, with double stud construction to increase security. If you plan to transport your storage to a different location at the end of the project, it helps if you can move them without taking the buildings apart.

Use other measures to secure job site tools such as locked boxes to prevent construction theft. Implement procedures that require an end-of-day inspection to ensure all tools are securely stored or removed from the site.

Use Adequate Signage

Signage is a simple construction equipment theft protection strategy. Notify the public of any security measures you have taken. If you post a video surveillance notice, they may think twice before entering your premises.

Be sure to post emergency contact information in a location that is visible to the public. If someone sees illegal activity, they may contact you.

Install Security Lighting

A brightly lit job site will deter vandals and prevent theft. Many criminals will take advantage of darkness and think twice when your job site is well lit. Use motion sensors that trigger bright lighting at the perimeter of your site.

These lights will let security know there is movement or activity in the area. You can install cameras triggered by motion. They will record and store any activity online for future viewing by security professionals.

Track Your Equipment

It’s essential to list all the serial numbers for equipment and tools you own. Document onsite materials as they are delivered and take frequent photos to keep track of material levels.

You’ll want this information for the insurance company in the event of theft or damage. This information may assist the police in finding the culprit. You can use the data to prove ownership and you may have your tools or equipment returned.

Protect Construction Tools From Theft

Now that you know some great tips to keep your construction tools and equipment safe, it will be easier to take steps to prevent job site theft.

We hope you found some helpful information in this article. If so, use the search feature to check out more security ideas for your worksite.

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