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How to Hydrate Your Skin: A Detailed Guide



Hydrate Your Skin

Does your face burn when you sweat? Or when you swim in pools or the ocean? Or do you hate walking outside in the winter because of the wind chapping your face?

None of these things are pretty, or fun, to think about. But, sometimes, they’re the reality.

Instead of having sore, tired skin, learn how to hydrate your skin instead!

Don’t let skincare systems make taking care of your skin sound like a chore. When you do a little each day, your skin will thank you!

Follow these steps to get glowing skin that feels healthy and hydrated year-round.

Start with Water

When striving for hydrated skin, it makes sense to start with H2O itself! These tips will get you started on having more hydrated skin today.

Drink Plenty of Water

Though putting water directly on your skin can sometimes dry it out, drinking water is a lifesaver.

Up your water intake and you’ll instantly see subtle results in your Skin Elasticity and Clarity. The longer you make drinking water a habit, the more consistent results you’ll see.

When you’re hydrated, you’re prepping your skin for any other treatments you give it.

When you keep your skin hydrated from the inside out, you won’t have to worry as much if you skip a day on your other products. Plus, you’ll reap other benefits from drinking water like having more energy!

Eat Water-Rich Foods

If you struggle drinking plenty of water in a day, try eating water-rich foods to help yourself out. Your body absorbs the water from the food just as well as it does when you drink it.

Try eating things like watermelon, blueberries, peaches, bell peppers, and cucumbers. Not only do you get more water, but you’ll get to snack and feel good about it, too!

Use Moisturizing Products

This one may seem like a no-brainer, but there are tons of moisturizing products out there for dry skin! Try these out to give your skin a boost.

Hyaluronic Acid

It sounds scary, but products with hyaluronic acid are some of the most recommended things for dry skin. This is actually a natural compound that our skin produces to help keep moisture in. But, sometimes we can all use a bit of help.

First, you should understand how it works. The hyaluronic acid acts like a magnet, bonding with the water in your skin. It helps your cells hold on to every last bit of water.

When your cells are hydrated is when you’ll notice a natural glow in your skin. You’ll look less tired as your skin has more elasticity and can take whatever elements you face in a day.

Want to grab some up and try it for yourself? There are several levels of hyaluronic acid skincare products.

Some companies store the gooey serum in a jar for you to apply after cleansing. This is good to use when your skin is drier than normal and you want to give it immediate relief.

Or, if you just need a bit of help, go for a lotion that has hyaluronic acid as one of the main components. This will give you the benefits of the serum with added moisturizers.

Healing Lotions

If you’re looking for options that aren’t just for your face, look into a lotion to keep your skin hydrated!

The key here is to make sure you don’t get a lotion that is too heavy and weighs your skin down. When picking out a lotion, pick one labeled “healing” or for “sensitive skin.” These lotions are a bit lighter and made with less heavy products.

Some of the best lotions for skin can be pricey, but look for deals to help get the one that works for you. You may also want to look for how to get Bath and Body Works coupons, as they have great deals on products that smell good.

After you’ve grabbed up your lotion, there are a couple of things to keep in mind before you slather it on. First, start with an exfoliator. Using an exfoliator in the shower will slough off any dead skin that would prevent your body from soaking up the lotion.

Immediately after your shower, smooth on your lotion. It’s key to apply it when your skin is still warm. Your body is more apt to retain moisture when warm.

Oil Treatments

An underrated trick for hydrated skin is to use oil treatments. These can be a little pricey, but oil can go a long way when used correctly.

Ones to grab up include argan oil and jojoba oil.

Applying oil should be the last step in your skincare routine. To apply, you can put a few drops in your hands and massage the oil directly onto your face. The warmth from your hands will help your skin to absorb the oil better.

Another method is to use the dropper from the oil’s container to drop a few bits directly onto your skin. Then, use your fingers to massage it into your face or body.

You can also find oil serums that have the oil as the base and add other moisturizing products, too. You can apply oil as often as you’d like to gain firmer skin!

Know Now How to Hydrate Your Skin? 

Ready to hydrate your skin to have the best glow of your life?

Now that you know how to hydrate your skin, you’ll have beautiful skin in no time! Play around with each product to figure out what works best for you and your skin. With these simple applications, your skincare doesn’t have to be intimidating.

Begin by grabbing up a few items then work your way up to incorporating several steps into your routine. Don’t be afraid to search for deals online or in-store either, to get the best quality for your money! Check out our Health page to learn more about products that can help you reach your healthiest skin.

James Smith is the writer for Munchkin Press. He is a young American writer from California and is currently traveling around the world. He has a passion for helping people and motivates others.

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