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How to Hire the Right Business Moving Company for You: A Guide



It’s hard enough to move a regular home. It’s another challenge altogether to move an entire business.

You have countless pieces of furniture, computer equipment, and other things you need to account for. That’s why it’s not recommended to handle the move yourself. Hiring a business moving company to help with the office move is the best chance you have to get your office to your new location.

But with over 18,000 moving companies in the United States, how can you find the best one for the job? Follow the guide below to find a moving service that will get your business moved without incident.

Look for Relevant Experience

Moving office furniture and equipment isn’t always the same as a typical residential household. The chances are good that you have computer hardware and equipment that needs special care, and not every moving company will have that experience.

That’s why working with a company with experience moving businesses is critical. They’ll know how to manage your office property to ensure it arrives at your new location in one piece.

Ask About Insurance

Even if a business moving company has an excellent reputation, that doesn’t mean things will never go wrong during the move. The question is, what happens to your business possessions if they get damaged in transit?

Many companies offer insurance to their customers. This insurance will cover damage that happens on the road up to a certain amount, so see what insurance options you have.

Of course, some companies offer higher insurance coverage if you want to pay more for the move.

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Get a Custom Quote

It isn’t smart to work with a moving service that gives you a quote before walking through your building. Every business is unique, so it’s hard for someone to know what it will take to handle a move without seeing everything involved first-hand.

Look for a moving company that will quote you after walking through your office. When a moving company can see everything involved, they can better estimate how much work is involved and give you a more accurate quote.

Ask for a Written Contract

When working with a mover, the last thing you should do is do things without a contract. It isn’t enough to have a verbal agreement. If you don’t have the work you expect completed in writing, there’s no way to hold a moving company to account.

Make sure your contract has every detail of the move in the contract. There should be nothing left to chance, so send any contract you receive without all the details back for a revision.

Check Client Reviews

The great thing about moving companies is that they serve many people. That means there are plenty of past customers out there who are probably willing to talk about their experiences.

Most people do this by posting reviews online. Before you sign on with office movers, check their reviews online to see if past customers bring up any red flags that you should be aware of.

Now You Know What it Takes to Find a Business Moving Company

You can’t afford for your office to arrive at your new location in pieces. If you want your office move done right, you need to find a business moving company that has the experience for the job. Use the guide above to help you find moving services that will help you successfully move locations.

Of course, you’ll need to get your new office up and running once your stuff gets there. Check out the blog to learn more about creating a successful office layout and environment.

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