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How to Get Your Prescription Filled Online



Are you looking to get a prescription filled online?

Because of recent global events discouraging people from mingling in lines for too long, most have difficulty getting their prescriptions refilled. Since some people have underlying conditions that require immediate attention, most look for alternative ways to refill their prescriptions. This allowed telemedicine, an industry expected to grow to $218.49 billion, to thrive.

Telemedicine allows you to access healthcare services from the comfort of your home. You can order the prescription medicines with ease this way. All that’s left for you to do is wait for the delivery to arrive.

How do you go about ordering prescriptions online, though? Read our guide below to learn how to fill prescriptions online. Know what to expect and how to protect yourself today, too!

Where Can I Get My Prescription Filled Online?

When getting your prescriptions filled online for the first time, you’ll likely be unsure who to contact. For one, you can always contact the doctor who prescribed your medication originally. All you need to do is set an appointment with them and have them write your prescription online.

Most prefer doing this as they’re already familiar with the person they’re contacting. However, your doctor may be out of reach. When that happens and you need a refill soon, what’s your next best option?

Services like QuickRxRefill can help in these cases. They have licensed physicians available around the clock for you to consult. You only need to schedule an appointment before the doctor contacts you on your phone.

How do I fill a prescription online with a new physician, you ask? It’s the same as with any other consultation.

Keep a record of your old prescriptions to expedite the process. Be honest in answering the questions the doctor asks you and let them know of any existing conditions you have. Doing so helps them know whether they should change your existing prescription.

How Can I Pick Up My Medication?

Now that you know how to fill prescriptions online, how do you get them? Here are the options you have when acquiring your medication.

Local Pharmacy Drop-Offs

You can request that the doctor deliver your prescription to your local pharmacy. Physicians will contact them ahead of time to let them know you’re on the way. They also use this time to confirm whether they have the prescriptions you need on hand.

It’s a great way to make sure you don’t waste any time on your trip to the pharmacy. Approach the pharmacist and tell them you’re there to pick up your medication. You only need to pay your bill to complete the transaction.

Drop-offs also work at large chain pharmacies, like the ones in Walmart or Costco. What’s great about these pharmacies is that you can use your membership cards to get discounts when applicable.

Mail-Order Pharmacy

As mentioned above, you can have your prescriptions delivered to your home. You can request the doctor to have this be the case instead of having prescriptions dropped off. It’s the best option when you know local pharmacies have the medication you need in stock.

Your prescriptions will arrive in no less than a day in this case. If not, your meds can arrive in a week or more. Because of this, it’s best to ensure your local pharmacy has what you need before making the request.

Another benefit to having your medication mailed to you is affordability. Medicine often costs less when ordered by mail.

Mail-order pharmacies often base their pricing on your healthcare plan. So, if you have a great insurance plan, you can expect a big price difference.

Are All Prescriptions Available Online?

Let’s say you’ve developed new symptoms and need more effective medication. Can you fill a new prescription online for the medicine you need? That will depend on what your symptoms warrant.

The DEA lists controlled substances that online doctors can’t prescribe to you. Such drugs have a high potential for dependence, which can lead to abuse. You’ll need a face-to-face consultation to get a prescription for these substances.

Protecting Yourself Online

When you get prescriptions filled online, there are certain things you need to watch out for. Telemedicine is a reliable service, but certain online pharmacies can still do more harm to you. Here are the red flags you need to know when dealing with online pharmacies.

Avoid Dubious Drugs

Some online pharmacies may sell medication and substances you’re not familiar with. It’s always a good idea to check these substances online when you’re in doubt. Use this time to know whether the medicine is FDA-approved.

Any pharmacy selling non-FDA-approved medicine should be off of your list. No legitimate pharmacy will sell substances that aren’t 100% safe for consumers to use.

Lack of Information and Licenses

When dealing with online pharmacies, it’s best to order within the country. Doing so ensures your medicine arrives on time and has the FDA’s seal of approval. Checking the pharmacy’s website is the best way to make sure it’s operating within the country.

See if they have a US address listed along with their contact information. If they have a phone number, call it to verify their legitimacy.

Checking their licenses is a more surefire way of doing so. The country has many organizations, like the NAPB, that verify online pharmacies. A license from organizations like such not only proves their legitimacy but also tells you they uphold the standards expected of them by the board.

Get Your Prescription Filled Online Today

You need not miss your medication because you’re unable to go to the pharmacy yourself. Know all about telemedicine and the services it offers to get your prescription filled online. Enjoy the convenience it brings and have medicine delivered to your home today!

Do you want to learn more about the healthcare industry? Telemedicine is only one of its services that recently became popular. Check out our posts and articles to know what else is trending in the industry today!

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