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How to Find Homes for Sale by Owner



Did you know about 7% of homes are listed for sale by owner?

If you’re house hunting and neglect to seek out homes being sold by their owners, you could be missing out on your dream house. It takes a little extra effort to find these homes, but it’s worth it if you find something you love.

Continue reading to learn how to find homes for sale by owner to be sure you’re seeing all your options!

Online Home Sale Sites

Many big home sale sites like Zillow have a special section designated for houses for sale by owner.

If there isn’t a specific section for these houses, there’s often a filter you can use to find these properties. Using big sites like this to find them is convenient and usually one of the best ways to see all the information about the house.

You’ll be able to see photos, pricing information, and stats about the home’s size and features.

Social Media/Selling Sites

It costs money for homeowners to list their houses for sale on sites like Zillow, so while you can find some places there, many won’t want to pay the fee.

So another great place to look is on social media/selling sites like Facebook and Craigslist.

Many people list their houses on Facebook Marketplace and offer tours for interested people. The benefit of looking on here is being able to contact the seller directly through messenger and ask any questions you may have.

On a website like Craigslist, you’ll be able to see little information about the home, so scheduling a visit to see the house in person and meet the seller to gain more information will be crucial.

Drive Around Desired Neighborhoods

One simple way to find properties for sale by owner is by looking for them in person.

Most people selling their homes will put signs up in the yard with basic contact information. So you can try driving through neighborhoods you’d like to live in and looking for signs like these.

The benefit of this is seeing it in person to get an authentic feel for what it looks like.

Ask Friends and Family

Some people might be selling their homes, and you have no clue about it! Be sure to ask friends and family members if they know about anyone looking to sell their home. You might be surprised who is.

Another critical thing to keep in mind is people selling their homes themselves often want to close quickly. So if you find your dream home and need to sell your current house ASAP, check out SellMyHouser.

How to Find Homes for Sale by Owner: Keep Your Eyes Open

When considering how to find homes for sale by owner, the most important thing is to keep your eyes and ears open.

While looking online is great, there are likely plenty of other options you can find out about if you ask around and pay careful attention as you drive around your area.

Looking into homes for sale by owner might help you find your dream home!

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