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How To Eliminate the Smell of Cannabis



Okay, so you’ve been indulging in a little too much of the green and the smell is starting to take over your house. Maybe your parents are coming over for a visit and you don’t want them to know you’ve been smoking up. Or maybe you’re trying to impress that special someone and you don’t want them to think you’re a Cheech and Chong. Whatever the reason, here are a few tips on how to get rid of weed smell.

Start by cleaning your house.


Cleaning your house is a great way to get rid of any residual cannabis smell after a smoke session. Start by dusting all of your surfaces and then wipe them down with a wet cloth. Be sure to clean any areas where smoke may have lingered, such as the ceiling, walls, and windows. You can also vacuum your carpets and rugs to get rid of any lingering smells. If you have any pets, be sure to clean their bedding and toys as well.

Air out your house.

If your house smells like cannabis, you can air it out to get rid of the smell. Open up all the windows and doors to allow fresh air to circulate. This will help to dissipate the smell and make your house smell fresh again.

Bake some cookies.

In addition to offering a tasty treat, the smell of baked goods should override any remaining cannabis scent. When you’re done baking, the apartment should smell like delicious cookies, rather than cannabis. This will help to cover up any remaining cannabis scent, and make your house or apartment more inviting to guests.

Use a deodorizer.


Deodorizers can be found in a variety of formats, from sprays to candles. They work by neutralizing the smell of cannabis, leaving behind a fresh, clean scent. If you’re looking for a deodorizer, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, make sure to choose a product that is specifically designed for cannabis. Many deodorizers are made for general use, and they may not be as effective at masking the smell of cannabis.

Try a natural remedy.

The smell of cannabis is often not well-liked, and can be a deterrent for some people from wanting to try it. However, there are a number of essential oils that can help to neutralize the smell, including lavender oil, lemon oil, and peppermint oil. All of these essential oils can be diffused using an essential oil diffuser, or they can be added to a carrier oil such as coconut oil or olive oil and then applied to the skin. They can also be added to a spray bottle filled with water and sprayed around the room.

Drink lots of water.

Drinking water is especially important when you’re smoking or vaping cannabis. The cannabinoids in cannabis are fat-soluble, which means they are absorbed by the fatty tissues in your body. When you smoke or vape cannabis, the cannabinoids are released into the air, and you can inhale them. If you don’t drink enough water, the cannabinoids will be absorbed by your lungs, and you’ll start to smell like cannabis. This is because the cannabinoids are released into your breath, and you can smell them.

Whether you’re a smoker or not, there’s no denying that cannabis has a unique scent. Some people find it incredibly pleasant, while others find it a little too strong. And of course, there are those who simply can’t stand the smell.

But even if you’re not a fan of cannabis’ scent, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy its many benefits. After all, the herb has been used for centuries to help treat a variety of medical conditions. And now, thanks to legalization, more and more people are discovering the amazing medicinal properties of cannabis.

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