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How to Create the Perfect Home Gym Room



The average adult needs at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity every day. With the high cost of gym memberships (or just a general lack of desire to work out in public), it can be difficult to find that much time and space to exercise!

If you don’t love the idea of working out around others, or if you know that you have to fit your workouts into a tight schedule, why not make your own home gym room?

Read on to learn how to start planning a home gym that you’ll love.

Set a Budget

In a perfect world, you’d have enough money and space to set up a complete home gym with all of the equipment and features of a real gym. From treadmills to tanning beds, you would have a full-service gym in your own home.

For most people, this isn’t realistic. Your home gym room will likely be limited to a single small space and you’ll be working within a pre-set budget. Your budget (and the amount of space that you have) will determine how extensive your home gym can be.

Don’t worry about your budget being too low. There are plenty of small gym room ideas that are beyond possible on a low budget.

Choose Your “Type” of Gym Equipment

So what kind of gym are you setting up?

When many people think of classic gyms, they think of large weight racks and machines. There’s nothing wrong with classic gyms, but make sure that you’re creating a gym room that’s functional for your specific fitness needs.

If you prioritize strength training, you may want to invest in a squat rack. If you don’t have enough room, we recommend getting stackable dumbbells instead. You can fit a lot of different weights into a small amount of space, and there are plenty of functional strength exercises that you can do with dumbbells even if they aren’t as heavy as your preferred weights.

If you love cardio, why not buy a treadmill or cycling machine? Many people offer used treadmills for sale (or even for free) on sites like Craigslist. If the affordable treadmills you find aren’t in good condition, it’s even affordable to find “treadmill repair near me” to get them looking as good as new for your home gym.

Some people may just want a simple yoga and pilates studio. In this case, a few ankle weights, resistance bands, and a yoga mat will be more than enough to set up a comfortable and affordable space.

We recommend also sourcing some large gym room mirrors. Not only are they perfect for taking workout selfies and progress photos, but you’ll also be able to check your form.

Measure First

Any time you’re setting up a new space, you always want to measure before you start buying furniture or equipment. You can’t have a functional and stylish gym room if you don’t have enough room to work out.

Remember that a lot of gym equipment is large. Even if you plan on only having one large piece and several smaller accessory pieces, you need to take measurements. Bring those measurements with you when you go shopping for your equipment.

Time to Craft Your Perfect Home Gym Room

Don’t settle for crowded gyms! Use these tips to start planning your ideal home gym room where you can work out in peace and on your schedule. It’s time to get active!

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