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How to Choose the Right Type of Roof Coating for Your Commercial Building



Did you know 72 percent of business owners feel overwhelmed? As an owner, stay on top of maintenance tasks to avoid expensive repairs. If you want to learn about commercial roof coating options, we can help.

This guide will cover what kinds of commercial roof coatings you should consider. We’ll go over why you should consider a commercial roof coating.

Are you ready to learn about the benefits of roof coating and your options? Keep reading.

Why Do You Need a Roof Coating?

People get commercial roof coatings to help lengthen the roof’s lifespan and its performance. Roof coatings will either get roll-applied or sprayed onto the roof surface.

The coating can help eliminate leaks from the roof surface. Most of the roof coatings are also reflective. This means they don’t absorb UV rays but instead reflect them back to the atmosphere.

Your roof surface will remain cool, and so will the interior of your building. As a business owner, you could save money. A commercial roof coating can also make your roof water-resistant and durable.

What About an Acrylic Coating?

An acrylic coating’s available for metal roof systems or single-ply membranes.

Acrylic-based materials will resist damage from hail and radiation. The coating will often get applied in a few coats.

Manufacturers will provide warranties based on the coverage rate. An extended warranty will need extra coverage.

You shouldn’t apply an acrylic coating in frigid temperatures or when it’s damp. The cure time of the products remains dependent on the weather.

Humidity or cold weather will end up impeding curing. If you need an easy roof coating, consider acrylic.

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What About a Silicone Roof Coating?

A silicone coating’s created with a high solids dispersion of 100 percent silicone. It’s an elastic material that properly adheres to the existing surface.

Silicone will also have decent weather resistance and doesn’t become brittle or stiff.

Silicone coatings have become more popular in the commercial roof market. Silicone coatings will withstand extended exposure to standing water.

Other coatings won’t withstand ponding water. The silicone coating will also give you ultraviolet protection in extreme environments.

Some drawbacks to consider are the cost of the silicone coating. Only a few materials can get applied directly to the silicone surface. Silicone tends to hold dirt on its surface and can lose reflectivity.

Consider Polyurethane Coatings

A polyurethane coating was first developed to get sprayed over foam roofs. Now, the layer will get used on different roof membranes. The polyurethane coating is excellent for foot traffic and impact resistance.

There are also two kinds of polyurethane roof coatings. They’re aliphatic and aromatic. The materials will get used with a base and topcoat. The base coat material is durable but doesn’t offer a high UV resistance.

The aliphatic coating will get used as a top surface. It’s UV stable, holds color, and remains clean compared to other coatings.

What Roof Coating Will You Choose?

We hope this guide on commercial roof coating was helpful. Think about what you’re looking for in a commercial roof coating. Do you need one that will withstand standing water?

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