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How to Choose the Right Two-Way Radio for Your Business



Using a two-way radio isn’t the best way to break up with someone. You can keep saying it’s “over,” again and again, and they’ll keep on radioing back like they never understood what you said!

On the other hand, two-way radios are great for businesses that need teams to communicate in a facility or on-site. However, there are a few things you should consider before investing in a load of them.

In this short guide, we’ll run you through the basics of how to choose a two-way radio that will work well for your business needs. So if you can “roger that,” let’s get into this!

Power and Range

The first thing you ought to think about when investing in two-way radios is how much power and range do you need them to have? These two wireless radio properties are connected. Put simply, the more range you need for business communication, the more power you’ll need your radios to have in watts.

However, these days you can get a smart radio that switches to broadband when you are out of range. This means you can use your radios anywhere! For example, you can get a Motorola smart radio with these capabilities. If you’re interested, here’s more on this Motorola radio.

Device Security

Another important property you need your radios to have is inbuilt security. The last thing you need is outsiders listening in on your private business affairs.

So much sure there is strong device security built into your two-way radios. Furthermore, with modern radios, you should be looking for them to have data and application security too.

Application Enabled

Two-way radios have come a long way since their inception. You can now expect them to be app-enabled. Motorola radios, for example, come with Android platforms so you can utilize a wide range of apps to enhance your communication in various environments.

On such a platform you can use a touch screen to switch through apps. One of these apps could be a digital camera and video recorder. This type of app would be useful to relay more complex information when you are trying to explain things to team members.

Audio Quality

It might be crucial for your business to have two-way radios that transmit nothing less than pristine audio. In the past, this wasn’t always possible, and you can imagine many mistakes must have been made because of this.

If clarity is what you’re after, also make sure the radios you choose are highly durable. If you have inferior quality radios, you might drop one and the audio quality could be compromised.

Invest in a Modern Two-Way Radio Setup

When you invest in a modern two-way radio setup, you get more than just an audio signal. You can also enjoy various apps and excellent device security for your business needs.

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