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How To Choose The Right Sleeping Pillow



How To Choose The Right Sleeping Pillow

Several factors contribute to getting a great night’s sleep, including darkness (or light), distracting noises, temperature, and your mattress. But you may not be aware that the pillow that you sleep on also plays a big role. The correct mattress is a good start, but if you are sleeping on terrible pillows, you are most likely still tossing-and-turning to try and get comfortable.

Reasons Why The Right Pillow Matters

Finding the correct pillow can ensure that you are achieving quality sleep since it assists with your posture when you sleep. We are sure you have sometimes woken up to a stiff or sore neck. I think we have all been there. The right posture, while you are sleeping, will ensure you sleep more soundly and that you have no pains and aches when you wake up.

Choosing the right pillow helps to make sure your spine is in alignment, regardless of what position you like to sleep in. When you sleep on a pillow that is supporting healthy posture, you can be sure that your hips, back, shoulders, and neck are getting the right support, ensuring that you don’t wake up with a stiff neck or aches and pains.

While every person will have their own personal preferences when it comes to choosing a pillow, the correct pillow is also going to depend on your preferred sleeping position. The three sleeping positions include a stomach sleeper, side sleeper, or back sleeper. This position is what determines how much support your head needs from a pillow.

If you sleep on your back, choose a pillow that supports your head and neck, but also make sure that your neck is not at an unusual angle or propped up. Your neck and spine must be aligned while sleeping, which is why we recommend a thick-medium pillow (something not too flat or too full).

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If you sleep on your side, the pillow you choose should be supporting your head from a “neutral” position, making sure that your head and your spine is aligned. Since the shoulder is taking on the most pressure, look for a firmer and fuller pillow to provide your neck with adequate support, and to relieve some pressure from your shoulder.

If you sleep on your stomach, this is regarded as a very stressful position when it comes to your neck and back. For this reason, most sleep experts suggest trying to sleep in other positions. We know it is not easy to change the way that you sleep overnight, which means that if you cannot change the position, look for a less full and softer pillow. This will also help to keep your spine in a neutral position.

When Should You Replace Your Pillows?

While your mattress may last for 8 years or more, pillows typically do not last that long. We suggest replacing your pillows every 18 months, although the premium-quality memory-foam pillows typically last for around 3 years. If you are unsure whether it is time to buy new pillows, here are a couple of tips you can use:

Inspect Your Pillow

Does your pillow have stains, holes, or small tears? Is the pillow starting to smell? (This may sound gross, but your pillows also collect sweat and dead skin cells). In fact, your pillow could even start growing mold. If your answer was “yes” to one or more of these questions, we suggest throwing your pillows away.

If your pillows have passed the physical examination, the next step involves a fold test. When folding your pillows in half, do they spring back or stay folded. If the pillow remains folded it is exhausted and it is time to throw them away.

If your pillows are smelly, flat, lumpy, or all three, it is definitely time to throw them away. The Leesa Pillow is supportive and comfortable. Through extensive development, we have created the perfect responsive memory-foam pillows, ideal for all types of sleeping positions. These pillows are cooling and made from a superior cooling foam, the same foam that we use in our mattresses. They also come with stunningly-designed, and cozy covers that come off easily so that you can wash them.

The Leesa Hybrid Pillow is reversible and adjustable, which comes with one cooling side and a quilted down-like pocket. These pillows are fully-customizable, one of the best choices in pillows for all sleeping positions, thanks to the removable insert. The insert works well when you want a more full pillow or you can take it out if you prefer a flatter pillow. Made with the cooling-gel side, and cool-to-touch fabric, these pillows are effective at helping you to stay cool while sleeping.

How To Choose The Correct Pillow:

Today there are many brands and options to choose from when it comes to pillows, which can make it a difficult process to find one that works for you. We are here to help you by providing tips on some of the more important criteria to choose a pillow, to assist you in making a decision:


The fill options typically include polyester fill, down, latex, wool, cotton, synthetic down, and memory foam.


Even though you will use a pillowcase on your pillow, make sure the fabric of the pillow is durable and breathable.


The latex and memory foam pillows are heavier, while the synthetic or down pillow is typically lighter.


The premium-made pillows are going to last longer while helping you to achieve a good night’s rest.


Pillows are typically available in either king or standard size. The standard pillows are usually large enough for most people. But if you sleep on a king-sized bed, you may want to invest in king-sized pillows.

After deciding which pillow type you prefer, we suggest reading up on my pillow reviews and doing your own research to find the perfect pillow.

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