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How to Choose the Best Paintball Gun for Your Needs



Paintballing is a popular American pastime, with a revenue of $1.3bn in 2022.

Whether you’re a paintball veteran or planning your first battle, your best friend is your trusty paintball gun. But how do you choose the best paintball gun for you?

From paintball safety features to features and styles, we’ve put together this informative guide to show you how to choose a paintball gun that won’t let you down.

Read on for everything you need to know.

Types of Paintball Guns

Like regular firearms, paintball guns come with various firing actions and mechanisms. Choosing the right type of action is the first step in narrowing down your search for the best paintball gun.

Let’s take a look at the three main types of paintball guns available today:


Pump-action paintball guns were the first to be invented. They require you to pump compressed air into the chamber by hand after each shot.

Because of their manual nature, pump paintball guns have a much lower rate of fire – meaning that players must play more strategically. For this reason, they are often used in scenario-based games and campaigns.


Mechanically operated paintball guns are the most popular type available today, with most players opting for a mechanical primary weapon.

With each pull of the trigger, a burst of compressed air is released, a paintball is fired, and a new one drops down from the hopper to take its place. Mechanical paintball guns are popular because they are lightweight yet sturdy.


Electro-pneumatic paintball guns are the most modern form of paintball technology.

In electro-pneumatic guns, the mechanical switch of the trigger is replaced by an electronic controller connected to a circuit board. This means that instead of having to pull the trigger back fully each time, you push a switch that signals the circuit board to fire the paintball.

How to Choose the Right Paintball Gun

Now that you know the main types of paintball guns, how do you choose the right one for you?

Pump paintball guns are rugged, functional, and take tactics to master. They’re ideal for story or scenario-based games or as a secondary weapon. However, they are not suitable for high-paced games of speedball.

A mechanical gun offers a great, versatile middle ground for most players. They allow you to play conservatively but put down heavy fire when required. Perfect for all types of paintball games.

Electro-pneumatic paintball guns offer the same benefits as mechanical models but with a faster rate of fire. They’re ideal for speedball but can quickly empty your hopper.

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Choosing a Paintball Gun Made Simple

Paintballing is a fun and exciting way to engage in sport and mental stimulation. By choosing a paintball gun that works for you, you’ll get the most out of your experience.

As you become more experienced, why not expand your collection? That way, you’ll have a paintball gun for every situation.

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