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How to Choose a Commercial Roofer: Everything You Need to Know



It’s Monday morning when you get to the office and your roof has begun to leak or cave in. “Not on a Monday morning!”, you think to yourself.

Now you might consider fixing it yourself to save time, frustration, and money, but DON’T. Fixing a commercial roof is vastly different than your residential roof. In this case, it is best to hire a professional.

Follow the 6 tips below to learn how to choose the best commercial roofer.
If you aren’t sure if you need a commercial roofer, read more here about everything a commercial roofer can do for you.

1. Asking to See a License

This should be the number one thing to do. If the business or personal roofer does not have a license to back up their experience then try someone else.
Seeing a license will verify their experience in the field and we want to make sure your roof is taken care of. An online review will only say so much, but it will not highlight all credentials.

2. Use Local Companies

Using local companies not only ensures that they are there if any other problems pop up, but according to this article on medium, it shows you care about your local community.

3. Insurance and Warranty

Before looking at a contract you should first discuss the warranty and insurance that is offered/provided. This will not only protect the roofer but also you.

Insurance will give you insights into the safety culture of the business. If there are practices you don’t agree with, feel free to look for another roofer. You can even ask to see a safety record.

Warranties for commercial roofing are a must! If something were to happen again and it is under warranty, this can save you time and money in the future.

4. Read Online Reviews

We live in the age of technology where it is so easy to get access to reviews of all products and companies. Network and look at the online reviews of commercial roofers, don’t just check the star system.

Online reviews are one of the best ways to find honest testimonials from previous clients/customers. Google Reviews is a great place to start.

5. Compare Costs

Comparing costs is an important aspect, but not one you should first worry yourself with. You might think this should be the first thing you do when looking for a commercial roofer, it should be one of the last.

If you hire someone cheaper they might not be able to offer you the assistance you need. Create a list of about 3-5 commercial roofers you intend to hire, then compare prices among them. It’s important to get at least three quotations from experienced local roofers like

You Are Now Ready to Hire Your Roofer

Now that you have these handy tips and tricks for choosing the best commercial roofer, you don’t need to stress over the task of trying to find someone. If you found this article helpful, check out the rest of our site for other roofing related articles.

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