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How to Change Word to PDF on Mac and Windows



How to Change Word to PDF on Mac and Windows

There are tons of ways where you would be able to convert your Excel to PDF. And those ways differ from a specific operating system to another. It could be just using a website that offers this kind of tool. And that is what you are going to learn here in this article. That is how you would be able to convert all your Word documents in many different ways.

Since PDF is one of the most commonly used document styles, there is no doubt that many people will have a problem with their files because there will be times when it needs some merging, splitting, or converting. And since this section is about transforming your Word document to PDF, this will be focused on. So sit tight and relax as you learn.

How do I convert a Word document to PDF in Windows?

One fantastic thing about doing it this way is because this is a Word to PDF free converter. That means you would not need to subscribe to anything or download anything and pay for that download. And one other thing is that you would be able to convert your Word document to PDF within a few minutes and a few clicks. This will not consume a lot of your time.

Without further ado, proceed with the process. If you are using a Windows computer, the only thing that you need to do is use the “Save as PDF” option on your computer. But make sure that your Microsoft Office has 2010 or later versions. If not, you would not have this option. Just go to File – Save As – Other Formats, then click on the dropdown to find “PDF.”

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How do I convert a Word document to a PDF on a Mac?

Now this one is a little bit trickier than on Windows. Mac users might already know this, but if you don’t, you should know that there are many things you can do and install on other operating systems but not on Mac. That is why there is a specific application that you would need to install so that you can convert all your Word documents into a PDF or anything else.

The first thing that you need to do is open your Word documents and download the app PDFElement. Once you have downloaded that, all you need to do is drag and drop your file into the program window, save that specific file from Word to PDF, and it would automatically make a PDF file, and you’re good to go. You can also edit some things if you want. No worries.

One Website Where You Can Do All Those Things With Ease

If those things are a bit of a hassle for you, no need to worry, there is a specific website where you would be able to do all those things as quickly as it can get. The best part about this also is that you can do everything within a few minutes. That means you would not need to wait too long to convert a specific file. All you need to do is visit this website called GogoPDF.

Steps to Convert Your PDF Files Using GogoPDF

There are only four necessary steps that you need to follow so that you would be able to convert everything that you need to convert into their site. But before that, you must remember that there are a few requirements that you should have to proceed with the process. And those things are your device or computer and a stable internet connection.

If you already have those things, you can now proceed with the process. And the first thing that you need to do is get all your PDF files from your device or personal computer and upload it on the site. You can also drag and drop those files if you want a more straightforward step. For the second and the third step, the system will process the conversion. And the final step would be to download everything as long as you have already been updated.

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Those are the three different ways on how you would be able to process the conversion. Easy right? Now, all you need to do is find the best way to suit your style and give you less hassle. After that, you would be good to go. Please keep in mind that you will be reached out once there are updates, so you should keep an eye out for everything.

Suppose you have any other problems with your PDF files. In that case, you can continue processing with GogoPDF using the site since they have other tools that would help you greatly when it comes to your PDF files, and there are also other steps you can do without paying for anything and just enjoying the game. So, what are you waiting for?

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