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How to Buy Vape Juice That’s Right for You



In the early days of vaping, there weren’t many options to buy vape juice. In fact, unless you had a DIY mod, e-juice flavors were far and few.

However, there are now hundreds of types of vape juice available in varying concentrations and flavors. In a way, this is a double-edged sword because there are more factors to consider when selecting your next vape juice.

Keep reading this vape juice buying guide to learn about the difference between Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerol (VG) based juice, why your device type matters, and nicotine concentration.

PG vs. VG

Every vape juice available uses PG or VG as its base material. The base you want will depend on personal preference.

That’s because the difference between the two is all about taste. When you buy e-liquid with a PG base, you can expect significantly more flavor, while VG- based liquids have a more muted taste.

If you’re new to vaping, you may not recognize the difference right away, but generally, if you want to experience the full flavor of the juice, you’ll want a PG liquid.

However, keep in mind that some folks are allergic to PG, so it may be beneficial to stick to VG if you’re unsure.

Be Wary of Nicotine Concentration Levels

Unlike traditional cigarettes that only have light and full flavors, you can choose your nicotine concentration when you buy juice for vapes.

In many ways, it’s a helpful way to lower your dosage over time and be beneficial when combined with other smoking cessation methods.

The nicotine strength you want depends on how many cigarettes you smoke per day. If you’re a heavy smoker that goes through 1 or more packs a day, you’ll want to start with 18 mg, the strongest dose available.

However, if you’re used to smoking milder cigarettes or smoking less than half a pack a day, you’ll likely want to start with a lower dose.

At the end of the day, selecting the right nicotine strength is a matter of trial and error. If you feel like it’s too weak, don’t give up hope just yet and try a slightly stronger dose first.

Similarly, consider lowering the dose before switching back to traditional cigarettes if you feel it’s too strong.

Check Your Device

Many people new to vaping fail to realize that varying types of juices will have different effects depending on the device.

It’s always best to head to your local vape shop for vaping tips and ask how a specific juice will affect your device. Asking questions and conducting research can help prevent your expensive device from being damaged.

Buy Vape Juice That Matches Your Taste

Lastly, you want to buy vape juice that matches your personal taste. The only real way for this is to continue experimenting.

The options are seemingly limitless, and many times it’s worth exploring non-tobacco flavors from the start!

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