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How to Build Stone Steps at Home



Did you know that Americans spent almost $600 billion on home improvements in 2021? Adding stone stairs was one of the many projects homeowners chose to take on.

Have you considered upgrading the porch steps of your home but don’t understand the process? Do you know the required steps and building materials used?

The following guide will explain exactly how to add stone steps to your home and add curb appeal.

Choose Your Stone Materials

First, you’ll have to choose the natural stone you want to use for your masonry project. You can use materials like limestone, flagstone, or other natural stones for your steps, just make sure that it’s a long-lasting stone.

Consider how many steps you’re creating and what the design layout is. You’ll want to put a lot of thought into the layout so that it’s aesthetically pleasing.

Measure the Depth and Height

You must determine both the height and depth of your porch stairs before you start laying out any stones. It’s very important that you build stone steps that are easy to walk on so that they don’t cause any injuries.

The common height for a comfortable step on a stone stair is usually half a foot. The depth of each stone stair can be anywhere between one foot and one and a half feet.

Start With the Foundation Step

You will have to start at the bottom of your stone porch stairs by clearing any debris or grass that you find on the soil. You must also check that the ground is completely leveled out before you start laying down gravel.

Try to slope the gravel going downwards and away from the front door of your home. Doing so can stop water from pooling up on your stone steps.

Make sure that all of the gravel is a minimum of 2 inches thick before laying down your foundation step on top of it. The gravel will help give stability to your steps to ensure aesthetics and safety.

Lay the Rest of Your Stone Steps

Repeat all of the same actions that you did for the foundation for the rest of the steps. Remove debris, level out the soil, and start installing the following steps for your new stone porch.

Always try to leave a natural-looking distance in between each of your stone steps. Take your time to get this right because your steps will be one of the first things people notice at your home.

Set the Stone Steps

The final step in building stone steps involves securing them using a mortar mix. Keep in mind that type N mortar mix works best for stone masonry.

You might also consider installing some railings or side guards to your new stone steps. It can help prevent accidents while enhancing the look of your porch as well.

Ready to Build Stone Steps?

Now you know how to build stone steps and truly make your porch stand out. Remember to choose a quality stone, measure carefully, start with the foundation, and space out your steps properly.

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