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How to Build a Backyard Playground for Your Little One



Backyard Playground

Human beings naturally begin playing at a young age. It’s about more than fun.

Play helps a child develop physical abilities, important cognitive functions, and necessary social skills. Encourage all types of play at home, especially outdoors.

Read on to learn how to build your little one the best backyard playground to help your child learn and grow!

Lay the Ground to Play On

Before you put up any equipment, consider the ground you want the kids to play on. It should be safe and practical.

Springy grass keeps kids safe. But they may tear up the lawn.

Dig out an area and line the playspace boundaries with plywood. Fill it in with interlocking rubber tiles for a soft surface that looks great. While some people simply go with gravel, this easily spills out into the rest of the yard, and kids can slip on it while running.

Include the Basics

Basic Backyard Playground equipment exists everywhere for a reason. It engages kids in beneficial physical activities by offering them a rush of excitement.

They climb a ladder to whoop down a slide and pump their legs to reach new heights on a swing. While building muscles, these backyard activities also help them learn to overcome fear in a safe way.

Put up a high enough slide that challenges their bravery a little bit. Adjust the swings so that their feet reach the ground just enough to get up without dragging. Buy wooden swing sets here.

Don’t forget the monkey bars that build upper body strength and demand perseverance. Their feet should hover above the ground, so they work at it, but not so high that it becomes dangerous.

Create a Hideout

Kids love enclosed nooks that they can turn into hideouts. These spaces spark imaginative storylines and offer spaces for them to quietly read.

Build this out of wooden boards or large branches with a tarp. You could attach it to a jungle gym above or below a landing, or make it a freestanding fort on part of the playground.

Think Creatively

If you want to help your child enhance their creative thinking, then think creatively for your Backyard Playground design. Unique touches will make backyard play extra special.

Build an outdoor kitchen where they can make mud pies and whip up sap stew. Use plywood to make basic box structures that work for an oven, sink, and counter space.

A small basin built-in will work well for a wash space. Let them keep a few plastic bowls, old pans, and plastic spoons!

If your kid isn’t cooking, then take this idea in a different direction! Let them make music with metal panels for a xylophone, cans for drums, and bells.

Add Sand

Sand offers a safe space for sensory play and imagination. Fill an area with sand and change your medium often t keep it clean and free of anything sharp.

Place buckets, shovels, toy trucks, and other toys in the pit. Colored sand will level up the playing field!

Build Memories With a Backyard Playground

Building a backyard playground for your child will help keep them active while challenging them in all sorts of healthy ways. It also creates the perfect space for making memories as a family.

As a parent, it’s your job to keep your little one happy and healthy. Find helpful tips on our health page!

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