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How to Boost Social Media Engagements for Your Business



Social Media Engagements

More than 3.8 billion people use social media globally.

Social media is an excellent marketing method for modern businesses. However, it only works well for companies with exceptional social media engagements.

The engagements strengthen the bond between entrepreneurs and customers, build more customer loyalty, and boost sales. You are probably missing a lot if your social media account has been dormant for a while.

Your passive business social media account may not generate any traffic because customers may not trust your brand. Here are practical tips on how you can increase your social media engagements to grow your firm.

Post Engaging Content

Be choosy about the type of content you post on your social media platform. The best posts should provoke your followers to comment or contribute to the topic.

An engaging content could be a question that needs answers, a post that requires followers to tag others, or a laughable graphic. You can even post relevant memes at some point to keep the readers entertained.

Since you are building your brand, you should avoid the things which make your followers angry. You can check on your competitor’s posts to get inspiration on the most engaging content to posts.

Respond to Comments

Do you ever reply to your followers’ comments? If no, then you should change that habit. Communication is two way, and you need to be social to increase your engagements.

Your posts may not be meaningful if you only update them and never reply to the customers’ concerns. Whether it is a question, an opinion, a suggestion, or appreciation, you should at least show some response.

Note that there is no guarantee that the comments will always be positive. Sometimes, you will be getting negative or mean comments. The only time that you should not reply is when a follower tags someone else.

Increase the Number of Your Followers

You need more followers to not only boost your engagements but to market your brand better. If you have less than 100 followers, you will have fewer engagements than a firm with tens of thousands of followers.

Are you wondering how you can increase your followers? It’s simple. First, you need to be responsive. You also need to keep your content exciting. And if possible, you should find influencers to help you grow the page. Don’t forget to make your content easy to share.

Start/Join a Facebook Community

Facebook communities are becoming popular by the day. You can either start yours or join an existing one. But since you are promoting your brand, the best idea would be to begin your Facebook group.

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The group should have the name of your business so that you can attract the right people. You should also make the group communication friendly to keep everyone member active.

Be Consistent

Consistency is the key to more social media engagements. Your followers will be bored and probably forget about you if you only make a post once a month.

You should show consistency by posting at least once or twice per day. You can even make the daily posts as many as five provided that they make sense.

However, you may not manage to make the daily post if you are a busy entrepreneur. In that case, you may need to hire a business social media expert to keep your page active through the daily posts.

Alternatively, you may set the automatic posts. Multiple apps can help you with automation. Find out the best for your accounts, but still, remember to create time to respond to the comments ad interact with your followers.

You may check these 6 ways of boosting your social media engagements to learn more about consistency and how it can help you win millions of users.

Share Other Business’s Content

Don’t forget to share other people’s content, as you create yours too. This is true in blog posts and other informative guides. If another person can write better content than you, it will not hurt you to post it on your page.

Furthermore, your followers will be impressed knowing that you are willing to provide the right information, irrespective of the source. So, don’t attach yourself to the content you have written always. Share other people’s content, and they might share yours too.

Personalize the Engagements

Personalization makes people feel more appreciated, recognized, and loved. In social media, you can personalize engagements by referring the users on their names. For instance, you can say, “Thank you, Gladys,” or “Welcome, Paul.”

Such personal words can warm the hearts of your followers and create an impression that they are dealing with a person and not an automated program (robot)

Personal responses also create the impression that you are down earth person, irrespective of how big/reputable your brand is.

Visualize Your Posts

Do you add pictures, videos, charts, graphs, and other graphics to your content? Long written content can be boring sometimes. You should include visuals to break the reading monotony and add color to your content.

However, you should not overdo the pictures.

Too many graphics can be bland as well. You should only add pictures in the right place. Also, the graphics should be relevant to the content you are talking about. The illustrations should be clear so that your readers don’t strain to see them.

Run Contests and Conduct Surveys

A contest is a great engagement and marketing strategy. You can plan for as many competitions as possible, and award the winner. Some outstanding awards that you can offer the winners include discounts, gifts, and so on.

The prize motivates more people to participate in the contest. That participation creates a stronger bond between your and your followers, hence more engagement.

Similarly, you can conduct surveys to know if your followers like your products and services. Make sure that you schedule the surveys when most of your followers tend to be online.

Increase Your Social Media Engagements Today’s

Social media marketing is undoubtedly one of the best methods for growing your brand today. Thousands of firms have benefited from it, and you can enjoy the benefits too. Follow the above tips to increase the social media engagements, and seek expert help when necessary.

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