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How to Avoid the Most Common Landscaping Mistakes at All Costs



Did you know that homes with professional landscaping and well-kept lawns, usually sell for 7% more than similar homes in the neighborhood? If you think you might sell your home in the future or you are simply looking to level up your curb appeal, we are here to share the top landscaping mistakes you want to avoid at all costs.

Keep reading to learn what these are so, that you can join the smart homeowner club.

1. Too Many Ornaments

A mistake many people tend to make is putting too many decorations in their front yard. This can create clutter and take away from the natural beauty of your landscape. Before buying a new ornament or more decor step back and take a look at your yard to see if it already has too much.

Also, before buying something else to add, evaluate if all of your current decorations fit into your overall design and plants.

2. Cutting the Grass Too Short

Some people like to cut the grass super low because they feel that they won’t have to mow it as often. The problem is that when you cut it too low, it creates more harm than good to your landscaping. You can accidentally scalp your lawn and this will result in a bare patch.

These bare patches will be an open invitation to insects and diseases. The best thing to do is cut the lawn at different lengths depending on the time of year.

For example, during the winter you can cut it a little shorter to allow the sun to get into the soil. During the summer, let the grass blades grow a little longer because the lawn will need more shade.

We highly recommend contacting a reputable landscaping company to ensure that you get the best professional landscaping in your neighborhood.

3. Picking the Wrong Plants

Just because a plant is beautiful it does not mean that it should go in your yard. You need to take into consideration not only how your current landscaping is but also how much shade or sun the plant needs.

Also, you need to think about where you are planting your plants. For example, if you are going to plant something in a sunny and hot spot, then you probably want to choose a succulent because it will be able to handle the extra sun and the heat.

Sometimes when you really love a plant you might go overboard and decide to plant a ton of the same ones. The problem is that certain plants need certain nutrients and if you plant too many there might not be enough nutrients in the soil for all of them.

Now You Can Avoid These Landscaping Mistakes

We hope that now that you have our list of the top landscaping mistakes, you can do everything in your power to avoid making them. If you feel that your landscaping is not looking its best then do not be afraid to contact the pros to help you.

Please feel free to continue browsing this section for more home and garden tips and tricks.

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