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How The COVID-19 Enhanced The Scope Of Distance Learning?



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Distance education has been gaining momentum in the past few years due to rapid technological advancement. It has always been the preferred medium of working professionals who cannot fully commit to any educational course but need to build on their skill set. Similarly, many students find online learning to be an easier and affordable means of adding on to their educational qualifications.

While many institutes completely relied on the traditional educational format, COVID-19 made it difficult to carry out lessons in physical classrooms. Amid social distancing, school and colleges could no longer resume operations and hence the only alternative left was distance learning.

This easy and accessible platform was readily accepted and helped students continue their education. It also opened up many new avenues of skill-building for those who were forced to stay at home during the lockdown. This platform could reach every part of the world and all you needed was a strong net connection to ensure that you can get relevant knowledge and learning.

The pandemic forced everyone to reconsider their stance on online learning and ushered in a wave of digital education which would become stronger in the future.

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Effective use of time 

Countries all over the world had to go into lockdown forcing schools and all educational institutes to hurriedly shut down. Many were left with months in which they had nothing to do and in that duration online learning proved to be of great value. It ensured that despite the undue circumstances, learning was still a continuous and on-going procedure. You could utilise your time wisely with online learning courses and grow instead of wasting your time on unnecessary things.


COVID-19 also made us realize that while traditional classroom has been the norm but they cannot be completely relied on, as being physically present for classes is not always possible. In the future, we have to focus on making education accessible and hence we have to look for advanced alternatives. Digital education is among the best option that we have which ensures that no matter what, students can continue with their studies.

Continuous education

Business is a highly dynamic field that keeps evolving to suit the present market scenario. Hence professionals need to stay updated with all the relevant learning and changes and this can is easily possible through distance learning.

Given the flexibility that this platform offers, you can continue your studies and also manage all your personal and professional commitments. Adoption of newer means of e-learning is needed for upskilling which can help one in staying relevant and continue with their job without any hurdles.

As many educational institutes are making a transition towards online learning, efforts are being made to make this platform all the more digitally advanced. The future of learning will involve the integration of information technology.

COVID-19 has made it clear that present formats may have worked till now but going forward we have to be better prepared to ensure that learning is easy, affordable and accessible even in the most remote corners of the world. This would require a lot more development work but it will ensure that future generation is empowered and reliant in terms of both skills and learning.

James Smith is the writer for Munchkin Press. He is a young American writer from California and is currently traveling around the world. He has a passion for helping people and motivates others.

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