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How Often Should You Hire Professional Carpet Cleaners?



You may be wondering, “How often should carpets be professionally cleaned?”

Your carpet is probably the largest décor item in your house. Its state can have a huge impact on your entire home’s interior décor.

If you want to have the carpet complement your interior décor properly, you must keep it looking pristine and free of dust and odor.

A regular cleaning schedule is all you need to have your carpet free from dust and allergens. But you must understand that the cleaning schedule varies depending on the color of your carpet, traffic, and other factors.

Getting your carpet cleaned at the right time prevents allergies from getting worse. It also improves the carpet’s life span.

Besides, if you wait too long before getting the carpets cleaned, they will develop mold and odor. So, do you want to know how often you should get your carpet cleaned? Or whether professional carpet cleaning is worth it?

Here is a comprehensive guide on how often you should hire professional carpet cleaners and whether it’s worth it.

How Often Should Carpets Be Professionally Cleaned?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer on how often your carpet should be professionally cleaned. This is because households are different and have varying cleaning requirements.

However, some factors affect how often you should have your carpet professionally cleaned.

When You Have Kids

Kids spend most of their time playing on the carpet. Their games can, at times, be a little messy, leading to spills all over the carpet. Don’t forget if your pets love going outdoor; they will track dirt back to the house.

If you don’t have the carpets cleaned on time, accumulating dirt might negatively impact your kid’s health. While playing on the dirty carpet, the kids will pick items from the carpet and put them in the mouth.

This way, your kids will keep ingesting pathogens and other germs. That’s why you must have your carpet professionally cleaned at least every six months if you have children.

When You Have Pets

Despite pets being good companions, they definitely amp up your cleaning needs. Keeping your pets indoors is quite an impossible task. They have to spend some time outdoors playing and running around.

When they get back indoors, they usually track in dirt and other gunk from outdoor. In some instances, despite your pets being well trained, they might stain your carpet, leading to the carpets developing a foul odor.

How often you have your carpet professionally cleaned depends on how messy your pets are. If your pets are extremely messy, you should get your carpets cleaned professionally at least thrice a year.

But if they are not that messy, you can have the carpets professionally cleaned at least twice a year.

Your Carpets Color

The color of your carpet can significantly impact how often you should get the carpet cleaned. If you opted for bright carpets to brighten your room, then be ready as they will easily get stained.

How often you clean bright-colored carpets depends on whether you have pets and kids. If no pets and kids are around, you can have them professionally cleaned after four to five months.

But if you have kids and pets, you should have them professionally cleaned at least every three months. You can have them cleaned at least twice a year for the dark carpets.

When You Have Allergies

Normally carpet fibers filter out dust and pathogens from the air. However, as the carpet fibers become saturated by dust and pathogens, they usually release them back into the air.

If you or your loved ones have allergies, the presence of such pathogens and dust particles in the air might be a big nuisance. To avoid making the allergies worse, you should have the carpets vacuumed at least every week.

They should also be professionally cleaned after two or three months.

Your Carpets Warranty

When you purchase a carpet from a licensed dealer, you are supposed to be given a warranty. The warranty might have well-laid cleaning requirements. If you don’t follow such laid cleaning requirements, your warranty might become void.

Thus, if your carpet has a warranty, ensure to take it for professional cleaning as indicated on the warrant. You must keep the payment receipts you get from the professional cleaners. Such receipts could serve as evidence if the warranty were to be affected.

Do You Allow Shoes on Your Carpet?

Shoe truck dirt and other small particles into the house. Such particles can accelerate the wear of the fiber of your carpets. The more people are there in your home, the high the rate of wear.

The accumulated dirt should be removed regularly to reduce the impact of wear and tear on your carpet. But professional cleaning should be done after every six months.

How Regularly You Vacuum the Carpet

Vacuuming your carpet regularly, especially once per week, prolongs your carpet’s life span. Besides, regular vacuuming gets rid of loosely settled dust particles. This prevents such particles from settling deeper and getting embedded between carpet fibers.

If you vacuum your carpets regularly, you can go for long before needing professional cleaning. However, to have your carpets properly cleaned, even with the vacuuming in place, get them professionally cleaned at least once a year.

Do You Have Smokers in Your House

If you have smokers in your home, nicotine and tar will definitely fall on the carpet. If left to settle for long, the nicotine and tar might be embedded onto carpet fibers.

This can affect the durability of the carpet. Besides, when the carpet becomes saturated by dust particles, nicotine, and tar materials, it releases them back into the air.

Such floating particles can be a nuisance to the health of your kids and loved ones with allergies.

Thus, if you have smokers in your home, ensure to shampoo the carpets at least every three to six months. It’s also recommended you take your carpet for professional cleaning within the same period of 3 to 6 months.

Is Professional Carpet Cleaning Worth It?

Daily carpet vacuuming can get rid of loose particles. However, it might not get rid of dirt particles completely embedded in the fibers of your carpet.

To remove such particles, you will need to hire professional carpet cleaning services. Apart from getting rid of such particles, professional carpet cleaning offers more benefits than you can imagine.

Get Rid of the Most Stubborn Stains

If you have pets and kids, chances are they might become a little messy staining your carpet. Getting rid of stubborn stains is usually quite challenging for most people. Despite how many DIY ideas you have, they might never work in getting rid of stains.

In some instances, people are forced to hide such stains using furniture. If not, they try as many cleaning products they come across as possible. Using the wrong cleaning products on your carpet worsens the situation.

Carpet cleaning professionals know the appropriate solution that can get rid of stubborn stains. Whether it’s an inks stain or a wine spill stain, such professionals know the appropriate extraction method to use to make your carpet look brand new.

Check professional carpet cleaning here, and stubborn stains shall be a thing of the past.

Eliminate Unpleasant Lingering Smell

If you have pets, chances are they might mess with your carpets. Over time the carpets might end up developing an unpleasant lingering smell.

In some instances, despite how much you vacuum your carpet or use DIY cleaning techniques, you might not get rid of such a smell. Professional carpet cleaners know how to get rid of unpleasant smells.

They will use cleaning methods such as hot water extraction and steam cleaning, which do not affect the quality of your carpet.

If you opt for professional carpet cleaning, you will have to worry no more about an unpleasant odor coming from your carpet.

Assures Your Carpet Warranty

Your carpet comes with a warranty that specifies how your carpet should be cleaned. If you clean your carpet using the wrong products or techniques, your warranty becomes void.

If your warranty requires deep cleaning after every 12 to 14 months, you have to do so. On your own, getting it right in terms of the right cleaning products and techniques to use to have the warranty remain valid might be challenging.

But for the professional carpet cleaners, understand all the cleaning techniques available. They also know what type of cleaning products are suitable for carpet cleaning.

If you leave carpet cleaning to them, they will definitely follow the cleaning procedures outlined in your warranty to the latter. This way, you will manage to keep your warranty valid.

Saves You Money

If you decide to clean the carpet yourself, you must purchase the required cleaning products and rent the cleaning machine. The cost of renting the cleaning machines mainly ranges between $ 35 and $ 50 per day.

On the other hand, hiring professional carpet cleaning costs range between $ 120 and $ 230. At times the cost of purchasing cleaning products and cleaning machines might be more than that of hiring professionals.

Not to mention the amount of effort and time you will have to put into the cleaning process. Professional carpet cleaners will get your carpets looking brand new at a reasonable cost. Besides this way, you will save your time and energy.

They Can Remove Germs and Allergens

Your carpet fibers might be harboring millions of bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. After dirt and such pathogens saturate your carpet, they are released into the air.

When you and your loved one breathe such pathogens, you might develop lung complications and allergies. To get rid of such pathogens and allergens from the carpet, you must have the right cleaning tools and agents.

Professional carpet cleaners are equipped with all the tools and cleaning agents for getting rid of such germs. Apart from deep cleaning, they also sanitize your carpets to ensure they are germs and allergens-free.

Hire professional carpet cleaning services, and your carpet shall be free from germs and allergens.

Save Time

Carpet cleaning is a time-consuming task. If you have a busy schedule, you might not have the time to do deep cleaning. If you don’t deep clean your carpet, the carpet’s life span will be compromised.

Besides, over time your carpet will develop an unpleasant odor. If you hire carpet cleaning professionals, they will conduct a deep cleaning on your behalf. They will also ensure to sanitize your carpet to make it free of pathogens and allergens.

Hire professional carpet cleaning and have your carpet properly cleaned as you get to relax.

However, you must hire the best carpet cleaning services to have your carpet properly cleaned. With so many companies offering carpet cleaning services choosing the best might be challenging.

To increase your chances of picking the right carpet cleaning company, go for licensed and experienced companies.

Above all, ensure to hire reputable carpet cleaning professionals. To determine the reputation of such companies, you can read online reviews.

Reviews from sites such as Better Business Bureau are more genuine and can inform you more about the competence of any carpet cleaning company.

It’s also advisable you hire carpet cleaning services near you. This way you will reduce the time taken by the company to access your premises. Besides, determining the quality of services offered by a carpet cleaning company near you is easy.

Have Your Carpets Cleaned Professionally

Regular professional carpet cleaning extends the life of your carpet and gets rid of stubborn stains. But the question is, how often should carpets be professionally cleaned? Is hiring professional carpet cleaning services worth it?

Read the above guide and discover how often your carpets should be professionally cleaned. Also, get to learn why hiring professional carpet cleaning is worth it.

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