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How Long Do Home Solar Panels Last?



Did you know that solar panels can degrade and produce less electricity if they are not looked after well?

If you are going solar at a sunkissed house, you should know how long do solar panels last to ensure that you continue reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

All the electricity you use will come from direct sunlight rather than fossil fuels. Solar energy is an incredible renewable energy source that will not run out.

You can save on your electricity bill while using electricity from your solar panels. Here is all the information about solar panels and how long they last.

How Long Do Solar Panels Last?

Most home solar panels can last anywhere between 25 and 30 years. After the 25-year mark, they will still produce electricity. But their energy production will gradually decline each year.

Most solar panels for houses can work seamlessly for decades. The primary thing is that you need to ensure your panels for the roof do not get damaged by debris or wind.

This is important because solar panels do not move around on top. They are kept in place and do not break unless damaged by poor weather conditions.

How to Maximize Solar Panel Life Cycle?

According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), solar panels, on average, drop their output by less than 1% every year. This figure is called a solar panel degradation rate.

The number can vary according to the brand you buy your panels from. If you go for high-quality manufacturers, you can reduce the degradation rate by half.

These rates are consistently getting better thanks to evolving solar panel technology. Rates under 1% are typical in the industry. However, technology keeps getting more efficient with time. Check out Blue Raven Solar for more.

Many new panels have a minuscule degradation rate lower than before. What does a 1% rate mean? This number signals that your panels will drop their output to 99%.

However, your solar panels for the house will continue to produce electricity even after 25 years, and you will barely notice any reduction unless they are damaged by external factors.

Most manufacturers do vigorous testing on their panels. This ensures that they can handle intense weather with heavy snow or wind.

The best way to keep your panels working well is to have an installer with experience and excellent service. They should offer warranties to cover all damages and defects.

They should also provide a production warranty that should guarantee their efficiency in handling a specific amount of power for your home.

Install Your Solar Panels Today

Now that you know how long do solar panels last, it is time to contact your provider. The best way to make sure that your panels will last a long time is by hiring a professional to examine the system.

They can provide a professional checkup. Then you can focus on keeping your panels away from debris, mainly to keep away trees or branches that may fall on them.

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