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How Lean Six Sigma Improve Your Business



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Most business owners must have heard of the Lean and Six Sigma Certification. But if you are only beginning to venture into entrepreneurship and have no idea about what this lean six sigma training is all about, you need to know more about it can help your staff and your company for better management of the business.

What is Six Sigma?

Established in 1986, Six Sigma is a set of tools and methods used for process improvement. It became a worldwide phenomenon among various companies across different industries. Employees and companies around the world are utilizing six sigma techniques to enhance the efficiencies of their operation.

Those who will undergo lean six sigma training will earn a certification to prove that you worked hard to boost your capabilities and skills as the forerunner in your organization. It also allows you to improve your business plans.

While Six Sigma and the Lean Method are two different entities, they are similar since both intend to provide efficiency in all aspects of operations.

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However, Six Sigma focuses more on getting rid of the errors within the operation processes, while the Lean method centers on figuring out the unnecessary steps that waste your resources and efforts.

Unexpected Benefits You Would Get From Lean And Six Sigma Training

Using lean and six sigma methodologies can provide plenty of benefits to organizations. But there are other unexpected perks that you and your business can enjoy, including:

#1: Efficient Time Management

If the business leaders have more on their hands, they can effectively invest their extra time in other business aspects like marketing and business planning. The tools used in Six Sigma allows business managers to manage their time efficiently and track any interruptions that may arise.

With this strategy in place, you will be able to deal with different types of interruptions by utilizing different smart tactics and establish an action plan that may increase your efficiency by approximately 30%.

#2: Decrease Cycle Time

All organizations may encounter problems if they encounter extended cycle time in any process. It will result in missed goals and deadlines. But by using Six Sigma tools, you no longer need to deal with this problem. If used accurately, the tools can help reduce the cycle time by up to 35%. It will ensure that you can stick to your schedule all the time.

#3: Manage Supply Chain Properly

One of the most important steps in businesses and other organizations is supply chain management. Any glitch in this area will have a blunt effect on the dependent processes and the results. It is crucial to have something that can enable improvements in the supply chain planning approaches to reduce the flaws in the process significantly.

One of the methods that you can do to lessen these flaws is to minimize the number of suppliers connected to the business. You may use some Six Sigma tools to help your company lessen the number of suppliers that your company depends on.

Most importantly, investing in lean Six sigma training can optimize all the benefits you can get from the certification. It will let you develop continuous improvement in quality. It means that every cent that your company spent on it will provide favorable results for the people leading your company and your overall business structure in the long run.

James Smith is the writer for Munchkin Press. He is a young American writer from California and is currently traveling around the world. He has a passion for helping people and motivates others.

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