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How Instagram Reels Grow Reach And Expand Awareness



How Instagram Reels Grow Reach And Expand Awareness

Instagram has rolled out a new feature ‘ Reels’ in more than fifty countries. The feature is inspired by TikTok, where users can record and edit a 15-second video and then share it with their stories. The feature also comes with a unique ‘ For You Page’.

Similar to TikTok if you like an audio clip, simply tab the music and choose ‘Use Audio’. Users can use their audio or select it from a huge library.

Besides adding music, there are various editing tools to explore from countdown timer and adjusting your video’s speed to some classic effects and filters. The brief guide will run you through the important aspects of the reels and how you can use it.

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How To Create Instagram Reels?

You can find an option of reels on the Instagram stories menu. Simply open the Instagram stories camera and select reels icon. Now, there are four options, timer, effect, speed, and audio.

You can use these editing tools on your newly created video or to the uploaded video from the gallery. Similar to TikTok, you can stop or record the 15-second video multiple times.

After making a video, use draw and text tools to use a range of stickers.

The last step is to add a cover or thumbnail.

Some reels may have featured label which shows it has been selected by Instagram and your clip is being shown to a larger set of audience. however, if you have no followers, consider expanding them in the first place and buy Instagram followers UK. It will give a quick boost to your profile and make it look more authentic and reliable.

How Instagram Reels help your business to grow

Instagram reels can help you to expand your reach as the feature tends to provide a great space for creators and brands to make waves. As per most of the marketers, it is recommendable to give the Instagram reel a try.

Tips to Create high converting content

Follow these tips while you create a 15-second engaging video for your audience.

Showcase Product

Instagram has provided a fantastic opportunity for brands. Creatively use Instagram reels to show your product to the audience to boost awareness and sales from this platform.

The video should resonate with your audience

it is predicted that Instagram reels will surpass the popularity of stories and IGTV. The feature is packed with some great fun effects that captivate the audience in an altogether different way. However, brands should strive hard to make such content that can resonate with the audience.

Share educational content

It is always good to share educational as well as entertaining content with your audience. For example, giving followers five travel tips, 5 gadgets to buy in 2020, or how to style a shirt by using clickable version of your Instagram feed.

Bottom line

Since Reels has been displayed on the explore page, giving brands a huge opportunity to drive awareness and sales from their 15-seconds fun video. We are not sure how the algorithm has been set up for Reels but consider using descriptive caption and branded hashtags.

James Smith is the writer for Munchkin Press. He is a young American writer from California and is currently traveling around the world. He has a passion for helping people and motivates others.

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