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How Do I Choose the Best Tree Removal Company in My Local Area?



Statistics show that over 100 people are killed by falling trees each year in the US.

Large, old trees on your property can not be a safety hazard, but they can also pose a threat to your home. If a large tree falls on your house it can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage.

Have you identified an old or dangerous tree that might fall on your home? Or maybe you simply have a tree in the wrong place that has to get removed.

Either way, it’s very important that you pick the right tree removal company. Anytime you hire a contractor it’s essential that you vet them thoroughly and choose the best option possible. Hiring a suspect contractor can open you up to liability and stress.

Keep reading to find out how to select the best residential tree removal company in your local area.

Ask How Long They Have Been in Business

One of the first steps to choosing the best tree company in your area is to ask them how long they have been in business. You want to ensure you hire a tree removal company that has extensive experience, not someone who is learning on the job.

You can also enquire if they offer both residential tree removal and commercial tree removal. Even if you just need residential tree removal done, if a company also does commercial tree removal, you can rest assured that they have the manpower and equipment to handle any size tree.

Find Out if They Employ Certified Arborists

Another important question to ask a potential tree removal company is if they employ certified arborists. Having multiple certified arborists on staff is an industry standard and something that the best tree company will most definitely have.

A certified arborist will be able to give you expert advice as to which trees to remove, which to keep, and which require pruning. They’ll also be able to fill you in on things like invasive types of trees, and species with aggressive root systems that could pose a danger to your plumbing.

Get Clear on How They Will Protect Your Yard

You should also find out how they will protect your yard. Taking down a large tree can cause a lot of collateral damage in your garden if the right precautions arent’ in place. The last thing you want to be left with is a ravaged garden full of crushed plants.

Ask if They Will Remove Stumps

If you’re looking for a seamless result, you might also want to ask a potential tree removal company if they will remove the stumps. Leftover stumps can make landscaping awkward and create an eyesore.

If the tree removal company does not offer stump removal, you can also look into hiring a stump grinder. If this sounds like the right option for your yard, you can find more info here on stump grinders.

Tree Removal Is an Important Part of Homeownership

Tree removal is a very important part of home ownership. By calling in a tree removal company and taking out unwanted or old trees you can increase the safety of your family, protect your home, and bring in more sunlight.

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