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Modern highrise buildings have been steadily increasing across all major Australian cities, not just Sydney, offering residents a more convenient way to live and enjoy homeownership. However, there may be times when a dispute arises, or the owner needs to build something but cannot do so without the consent of the neighbours.

However, a skilled strata lawyer Sydney can come to the rescue in these circumstances, providing expertise to deal with the issue. These local experts have immense knowledge of NSW property laws, housing schemes, and other vital information, using it to help clients from all walks of life.

The following is critical information that can help new strata housing investors in Sydney understand why they may need an excellent legal professional.

Help understand property nuances

Vertical property ownership was introduced in Sydney around fifty years ago and has been among the most sought-after residential options. Estimates  show that more than 40 percent of all New South Wales residents now live in apartments, finding it a convenient way to manage households.

But some new Sydney homeowners do not know the difference between standard and lot property in their highrise. Common areas are those that every apartment resident owns but shares, such as the park, lobby, lifts, etc. In contrast, lot property is owned solely by an owner, such as the personal car parking space and the balconies attached to the apartment.

If you are in doubt, a local lawyer can help advise on issues regarding these areas with incredible efficiency.

Draft by-laws and settle disputes

A significant reason these housing types run so smoothly in Sydney is the effective by-laws. These are rules and regulations to ensure everything in the complex operates smoothly. For instance, many local city complexes include a list of common areas, general behaviour dictates, cleaning, maintenance, etc.

Sydney strata legal experts often help property owners draft these critical by-laws and submit them for approval from the local council. They also create additional ones for individual owners who need to change their personal properties.

Furthermore, since over one-third of Sydney’s population, primarily youngsters, live in high rises, disputes are bound to rise. Local strata experts can help mediate these and develop practical solutions satisfying all parties involved. Since NSW is home to over eighteen hundred full-time strata managers, there will be more such homes in Sydney soon, making these law specialists indispensable.

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Expertise and experience

The vertical disbursement housing model is expected to increase in popularity in Sydney and other major Australian cities shortly. Since most youngsters and adults in the city prefer this type of living, a reputable strata lawyer in Sydney has become even more relevant. These legal specialists have numerous years of experience in this housing variant, having successfully settled countless disputes and drafted scores of by-laws.

Local lawyers can often settle disputes without ever going to court, saving all parties involved a reasonable amount of time and money. Moreover, they have in-depth knowledge of the NSW law, helping locals understand their options and suggesting the best way to proceed with the case. So, if you are about to buy a home in a Sydney highrise, consult with a local strata attorney on all its legal issues to avoid hassles in the future.

James Smith is the writer for Munchkin Press. He is a young American writer from California and is currently traveling around the world. He has a passion for helping people and motivates others.

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