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Hardest Pieces of Furniture To Move



Are you planning a move in the near future? If so, you’re not alone. Over 40 million Americans move every single year.

Whether they are moving for work, family, weather, or just moving across town for a better apartment or school district, it’s a big process. Even if you are staying local, packing and moving all of your stuff is a big hassle.

And while the small things take time to move, they’re still relatively easy. And many of these can be done on your own.

It’s the big stuff, like large pieces of furniture, that make the moving process very difficult. And if you think you can do it on your own, just wait until moving day. When you try getting heavy furniture down the stairs and through a narrow doorway, you’re in for a treat.

Read on below to learn what the most difficult pieces of furniture to move are, so you can be prepared.


Couches are very long, very bulky, and very heavy. And due to their strange shape, they can be very difficult to get through narrow doorways. And they can be an even bigger pain when trying to move them around tight corners.


Mattresses seem like easy objects to move, but they are trickier than you think.

When you buy a modern mattress, they arrive at your door in a box. This box, while heavy, is easy to get up the stairs, around the corner, and down the hall.

But once you open the box, the mattress never gets small again. If you have a queen or a king-sized mattress that you need to move through a tight home, good luck.

Dining Table

Some dining tables are easy to move if you take the time to remove the legs. But most people don’t like taking the time to remove the legs, making the process more difficult.

Plus, tabletops can be very heavy depending on the quality of materials, like solid wood.

Pool Table

Do you have a high-quality, full-sized pool table? Then you probably have a lot of fun playing pool in your home. But you aren’t going to have fun getting that thing out of the basement and onto a truck.

Don’t even consider moving a pool table yourself. Hire professional pool table movers to keep your table, and your body, safe.


Pianos make a wonderful addition to the home, whether they act as decor, or you actually play the piano regularly. But they are near impossible to move and easy to damage if done improperly.

Why You Shouldn’t Move Large Pieces of Furniture

Moving furniture is a big job. And it’s a risky job. Countless people get injured each year by trying to move furniture on their own, rather than hiring professional movers.

From falling downstairs to dropping heavy objects on feet, furniture can hurt. Plus, it can damage your home or the furniture yourself, negating the savings you earned by not using professional movers.

Movers are Worth Every Penny

If you want to get a great workout and risk throwing out your back and smashing your toes then trying to move large pieces of furniture on your own is a good idea.

But if protecting your body, your old home, your new home, and your furniture sound like a better option, you should hire professional movers. It’s worth every penny.

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