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Handy at Home: How to Use Double-Sided Tape



Need a dependable partner to help you keep things together around your home? While duct tape might be fine for some jobs, these days double-sided tape offers almost as much versatility when it comes to adhering surfaces.

With glue on both sides, this type of tape offers a huge advantage over other adhesives because it’s specifically designed to not be visible in your final project. The tape perfectly hides between the surfaces so you get a much neater finish.

Let’s take a look at how to use double-sided tape around the house.

Pick the Right Tape

Success with double-sided tape starts by picking the right one for the project. You have to take into consideration not just what you’re trying to stick together but also where it is.

Adhesion levels should be your starting point because some projects need heavy-duty, stuck-forever kinds of tape. Others need easily removable tape that doesn’t damage the surface or maybe clear double sided tape to be super hidden. The tape width might also change based on the adhesion level to ensure enough surface is covered.

Your bonding surface also impacts your tape choice as there are some specially made for carpet, wood, and fabric. Thinner tape works well on flat and smooth surfaces, but you’ll need a thicker option for rough surfaces like stone or brick.

How to Use Double-Sided Tape

If you’ve only used the thin tissue tape version in scrapbooking, there are numerous other ways to use double-sided tape, especially when you start stocking some of the heavy-duty options.

Screws and nails can do a number on your sheetrock and are useless if you need to attach something to a tile backsplash. Double-sided tape can hold up framed pictures, hooks, and just about anything you need on these surfaces. No drill holes mean no damage to the wall!

Can’t decide how you want to arrange a picture grouping? Use a weaker adhesive tape to temporarily put up your items to test the location or arrangement. Once you have it just right, use a stronger tape to hold it permanently.

If you’re painting a room, double-sided tape lets you get a floor tarp right up to the edge of the wall without having to tape it to the wall. The tape is out of the way while the tarp stays right where you need it.

You can also protect your furniture from your cats. It’s a crazy but true thing that cats don’t like the sticky surface of the tape and will avoid any spots you stick it.

Go Forth and Adhere

From home repairs to home decor, double-sided tape makes a lot of simple jobs even easier. Choose a tape with the proper adhesion level for the project and appropriate for the surface types you want to stick together. The right choice and good prep make this one of the best DIY tools you can keep on hand.

Now that you know more about how to use double-sided tape, be sure to check out other articles on our site for home improvement and DIY projects.

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