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Handle Common Dental Emergencies Well with These First Aid Procedures



Handle Common Dental Emergencies Well with These First Aid Procedures

Dental emergencies are common among kids and adults even though they are not observed as much. These include broken or cracked teeth, oral infection, being hit in the face, bleeding gums or another injury, which can be extremely painful. Northern Beaches is no exception to this, which has over 280,000 residents.

Whenever one encounters any abnormality or discomfort in and around the mouth, it is pertinent that they consult a medical professional or a dentist. Visiting a trusted dentist in Northern Beaches who provides the best services can help observe the symptoms, diagnose the issue and find the appropriate treatment to alleviate the pain and stay healthy.

But there could be times when such injuries require tending to immediately, especially when visiting a hospital or getting help might take some help. In such situations, it is important to be aware of and administer dental first aid. It helps reduce the pain and swelling and prevent any further damage from happening.

Different Forms of Dental Emergencies

These are the general forms of dental emergencies observed among children and adults.

  • Abscesses or Infections
  • Mouth Injury
  • Bleeding from the Mouth and Gums
  • Broken or Cracked Teeth
  • Loose Teeth
  • Toothache or Sensitivity
  • Mouth or Tongue Bites

General Dental First Aid Procedures

Apply Cold Compresses

Any mouth injuries, toothaches and swellings can be painful. It might help to place a wet washcloth, an ice pack or something cool to the side of the face or the mouth to numb the pain. It can also decrease inflammation and prevent swelling as the cold restricts the blood vessels by decreasing circulation around the injured area.

Find Knocked Out Chips of Tooth

When one is injured around the mouth and has observable broken teeth, it is important to attempt and find pieces of broken or knocked-out teeth inside the mouth. It is to ensure that the person does not swallow the sharp teeth and cause further damage. If the teeth have not completely been knocked out, one must not force them out of the gums and avoid touching the root. Additionally, they can bite on a sterile piece of gauze or clean cloth to keep the tooth in place until they visit a doctor. If teeth have fallen out, one must preserve them in a safe container and carry them to the dentist for further examination.

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Rinse the Mouth

Toothaches, oral infections, injuries and abscesses can benefit from a thorough rinse with saltwater. The warm water helps alleviate the pain and draw out any infection present.

Consume Oral Pain Medication

If the pain is too unbearable, one can consume a prescribed amount of general pain medication or an oral anaesthetic to help reduce the pain until they consult a dentist.

Observe and Tend Appropriately

One must look at the area where the injury or the pain is present and determine the issue causing it before continuing with the aid. If one observes soreness in the mouth, it could be due to gum disease, and one can consume prescribed pain medications or use a natural mouthwash to counter the pain. If it is a tooth sensitivity issue, they could tend to the pain by biting into an ice cream cone or a clove. If they observe an abscess, one must ensure that they don’t pop it and continue to brush and floss well until they visit a dentist. If one observes bleeding, swelling, signs of gingivitis, or other dental infection, one must keep their head elevated.

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Note that, while administering these procedures, one must actively pursue consulting a trusted dentist in Northern Beaches and get the required and necessary treatment.

James Smith is the writer for Munchkin Press. He is a young American writer from California and is currently traveling around the world. He has a passion for helping people and motivates others.

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