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Guide To Real Estate Marketing Automation CRM And Its Benefits



Guide To Real Estate Marketing Automation CRM And Its Benefits

The reason a lead is lost in real estate is a slow response or no response at all. Even if a company responds to a lead, they need to follow up with the lead at every stage of the lead’s journey to retain them. Finally, after the lead has been converted, they need the negotiated quote to complete the sale.

The entire marketing process is time-consuming, and for better lead management, a business needs to invest in a Real Estate CRM. Lead capturing to post-sales service can be automated, and higher revenues generated. The software ensures that the sales team takes the responses on time at all stages of the buyer’s journey.

Steps in Marketing Automation CRM

Real Estate CRM software manages the entire real estate marketing process starting with lead capturing to recording payments from clients.

Lead Capturing

The marketing process starts with the collection of data. With automation, it is possible to collect data on leads, including personal information and the type of property they are interested in.

Customer Segmentation

The more a company knows about its lead, the better its communication. Workflow automation CRM helps to identify the leads that can be converted into customers through lead scoring.

Lead Nurturing

The company needs to capture the lead and nurture it for conversion. Nurturing involves engaging the customer through follow-up emails and SMS. Not only does the lead retain information about the company, but they could also become customers.

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Marketing Channel Effectiveness

Leads interact with the company through different platforms like SMS, chat, or website. With Real Estate workflow automation, it is possible to measure the ROI (return on investment) of each platform. The software helps the business analyze the sources and marketing campaigns that are most effective.

The entire real estate sales funnel analyzed to determine the total cost of generating a qualified lead from the lead capturing stage. The business can make strategic decisions regarding the preferred choice of marketing platform.

Lead Scoring

There are a lot of factors considered for scoring a lead, including interaction with the sales team, frequency of engaging with the website, and sentiment analysis. All these factors combined give the final lead score. This helps the sales team to focus on priority leads.

Track Lead Journey

A business can record the entire journey of every lead with workflow automation in CRM. This helps to analyze what works with the lead and what does not. The business can take measures to get back the lead if they are moving away from the company. Since the interaction with the lead is stored in the software, the lead can be followed up by a different member of the sales team if someone goes on a holiday.

Bulk Marketing

For an effective bulk marketing campaign, the email should reach the intended recipient. Some leads are at different stages of the buyer’s journey, and the bulk emails should go to the right group of leads. The email should be drafted professionally and create the right impact on the lead.

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There should be a separate mailing list for SMS and email marketing leads. It is also important to analyze the success of the bulk marketing campaign. For better results, a remarketing campaign using the leads should also be implemented,

When a business uses CRM workflow automation, all emails reach the intended recipients. Emails and SMSs can be sent to bulk groups without individual emails or messages from the sales team. The sales team can send professional and attractive emails to leads at any time. Information about the effectiveness of the bulk campaign can also be analyzed. Remarketing campaigns can be started using the leads.

Sell.Do for Real Estate Marketing Automation

The following features of Sell.Do make it an effective Real Estate CRM:

Webforms for Data Capturing

It is possible to create a customized lead capture form with Sell.Do. These forms easily capture lead information like name, address, and phone. Information for marketing like budget, bedrooms, or other specifications can also be captured. Progressive profiling can be used to collect additional information about the lead.

Customer experience and sales performance management can be captured through in-built survey forms.

Focused Marketing

Leads are segmented using more than 250 attributes so that more focused marketing using Whatsapp and SMS can be achieved. There are more than 200 data points used by Sell.Do to score a lead for conversion possibilities. The sales team can target the hot leads based on the leads with the highest scores.

It’s possible to search for leads using specific filters in seconds using text and tag-based search. It is possible to monitor all leads and check if anyone is losing interest in the product. Immediate action can be taken to bring back the lead.

Drip Marketing

To nurture the lead, the drip marketing feature of Sell.Do sends emails and SMSs at a specific frequency to keep the lead engaged.

Funnel Analytics

While drip marketing engages the leads, funnel analytics helps in analyzing whether the lead is nearing conversion or losing interest. This helps in improving sales strategies to increase lead retention and conversion. Analytics from the drip campaign help in lead scoring for a holistic view of the lead.

Automated Communication

The time-based automation feature helps to send automated thank you and feedback emails instantly to nurture the lead. The website-based interaction by the lead affects their lead score.

Final Thoughts

Real Estate marketing needs to be automated to capture and convert leads. Using a Real Estate CRM like Sell.Do helps to automate the entire lifecycle of the buyer. It improves the efficiency of the sales team generating higher revenues.

James Smith is the writer for Munchkin Press. He is a young American writer from California and is currently traveling around the world. He has a passion for helping people and motivates others.

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