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The Most Detailed Guide To Watching Domestic TV Dramas Abroad In 2022



The Most Detailed Guide To Watching Domestic TV Dramas Abroad In 2022

Affected by the epidemic, more and more people are willing to stay at home for leisure and entertainment. They spend time in watching movies, chasing TV series, and watching various shows. As a Chinese in the United States, they may prefer to watch domestic movies and TV shows. And there are still quite a few websites for watching domestic movies and TV shows.

Without download you can watch your favorite dramas or shows online. There are people who love to watch local dramas instead of international ones so they need their country websites. But this is possible only by using the VPN or proxies because in different country you cant watch your country dramas without permission.

In this article we have listed some best online websites where you can watch your favorite dramas and shows without VPN. These websites will make you feel like you are at your home. So scroll down and choose one!

1. Ifvod Tv

The original iFun has been revised into today’s ifvod tv, and it has a good reputation in the Chinese film and television soundtrack circle. Ifvod has a web version and an APP that is perfectly compatible with various desktop devices (PC, MAC) and mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android), The interface design is friendly, easy to use, and easy to use.

Using a number of the latest cutting-edge technologies to provide users with a high-definition and smooth video experience; a huge video library with a capacity of up to 2PB, covering 15,000+ domestic movies, European and American blockbusters, popular TV dramas, popular variety shows, new animations, etc. Only non-members, Play a 20-second advertisement every 15-20 minutes, VIP members can skip it. The 480p is for non-members, and 720p or 1080p is for members only.

2. Oral Cinema

Oral Cinema is an online video website for overseas Chinese. It appeared much later than ifvod, it was founded in 2015, but because the functionality is comparable to ifvod, it has more and more users.

You can come here to follow dramas for free, there are the fastest movies, the latest episodes, the most popular variety shows, the most in anime and so on. The videos here can be played directly without advertisements, but the above two websites are only for overseas use, and the above two websites cannot be used in China.

Furthermore, it is necessary for the users to check whether they have installed the flash plug-in or not. If not, flash will automatically prompt to install it.

3. Okay

Well, it is a green and simple website with almost no advertisements, which makes people feel comfortable. Well, it is also a film and television collection website. The resources include variety shows, animation, news, American TV series, etc. It looks very professional.

The latest movies and TV series will be updated in a timely manner. There are many resources for the same drama. You can choose different sources to watch it. You can scan the QR code on your mobile phone to watch it on your mobile phone. You can also share it with your own circle of friends through your mobile phone. I really understand it very well. Fans who like to chase dramas.

However, many film and television resources need to be logged in to watch, you only need to spend a few minutes to register an account on the website to enjoy the resources.

4. Yes

This name is so similar to Okay, which makes people laugh, but the content of the two is not very different, and the page design will be quite different.

Youba’s content layout and background images are relatively compact. It is a comprehensive overseas resource website. Not only the latest movies, TV series, variety shows and animations can be watched online, but also the current news.

This website has set their unique timetable for chasing dramas, which is very interesting. I hope this website can help everyone better plan their own time for chasing dramas.

5. Easy TV (Overseas Chinese Cinema)

The resources of ETV (Overseas Chinese Cinema) are updated very quickly, and it is also a recommended website. You can search for any movie or TV you like, and you may be able to find it. There are many resources, and there will be advertisements attached.

Easy TV also offers family membership which results in high-definition and premium quality.

6. Chinese Watch Online

Chinese Online Watch is a video collection website. It only supports viewing on the web and cannot be downloaded. However, there are many Asian TV series, which can be played almost simultaneously with some popular domestic TV series, so they are very popular. The Chinese online viewing page is simple and there are many resources, but many of the latest resources are often blocked. Sometimes downloading chrome and installing unblock youku can solve it, sometimes not, there are copyright restrictions.

7. Renren Film and Television Supreme Edition App

This is a super popular TV broadcasting app. You can watch classic blockbusters at home and abroad for free. The translation is accurate, the resources are complete, the page is pure and no advertisements, and each drama has a plot introduction and similar videos, so that you can enjoy the fastest speed to find what you like. The film library is rich, such as movies, American dramas, British dramas, Japanese dramas, Korean dramas, other minor language dramas, public courses, documentaries.

However, today’s Renren Film and Television Supreme Edition has been revised to a new task system. You must become a member to watch and download. Become a member is not to charge a fee, but to receive tasks, such as signing in, winning everyone’s diamonds, and accumulating 2,500 people’s diamonds That’s it.

720P ultra-clear image quality, fast analysis makes mobile phone playback smoother and faster, high-speed download, supports Android devices; you can also add a play history button, so that you can’t miss an episode of the drama you’ve been watching!

James Smith is the writer for Munchkin Press. He is a young American writer from California and is currently traveling around the world. He has a passion for helping people and motivates others.

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