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Find a Girly Luggage Set to Make Your Getaway Glamorous



Find a Girly Luggage Set to Make Your Getaway Glamorous

No one wants to take the same dull set always for their various and wonderful trips, especially for girls. How to choose an appropriate and stylish girly luggage set? You may be tired of some old and outdated buying tips which are from the aspects of the quality, cost, and design patterns.

Today, I will recommend you a more scientific way to purchase a nice and proper luggage set. Depending on how long you are going to be in the tourist destinations, you may need a full luggage set or just an overnight bag.

For a Short-term Travel

Ladies who are going on an overnight trip or even a weekend trip had better choose the Lug Life Shuttle Bus Weekender Wheelie Bag which features a roomy inside even though it appears small. This luggage set is well equipped with lots of pockets which provide you more storage space.

In addition, its extra room is really an additional surprise for you to show your fashionable style, which will make you more charming and trendy. Also, the luggage set is made from the waterproof materials with a pulley system that can save your labor during the journey.

An Expecting Extended Stay

For an extended stay, people tend to take more belongings including clothes, foods, and drinks. For women, clothes, as well as various skincare products, will be more than men. Naturally, a big yet delicate luggage set can be badly needed. When you refer to the large luggage sets, tons of items will come to your mind immediately.

However, some luggage sets with really hot and cute designs and colors will make you a shining point even in the crowded airport and railway station. The polka dot luggage is the very one that I strongly recommend to you. Its vibrant color, as well as unique design, will make the owner stand out from the throng.

Find a Girly Luggage Set to Make Your Getaway Glamorous2

The average price of the bag is from $80 to $170. Most of those sets contain spacious main compartment with ample space and they can expand up to 30-percent more packing capacity.

The durable 600 denier polyester is their main material. What is more, the internal ergonomic telescopic push-button handle system, as well as their large internal zipper-secured pockets, will accommodate all your travel needs.

Causes of Odors of Leather Luggage

Pieces of leather luggage always send out certain bad or good odors. These different types of odors come in different ways. Before you try to get rid of these smells which you don’t like or make you feel uncomfortable you certainly should get to know the causes of these various odors.

Natural Smell from Hides

Some people appreciate the natural smell of clean animal skin. Cattle leather gives out a quite mild and fresh smell while leather from certain animals like deer is strongly and uniquely scented.

Some leather luggage manufacturers add so little chemicals during the tanning process that they can keep the original smells of the rough hides including cattle, sheep, and pigskin.

Disgusting Odors from Kinds of Natural Tanning and Coloring Chemicals

In many cases during the tanned process, leather is added with natural tanning and coloring chemicals including animal oils and vegetable dye which has a strong unpleasant smell. Leather products added with artificial or metallic compounds send out a smell that is similar to that of plastic.

Tanning and coloring workers use natural and man-made chemicals to tan and color leather so that they produce different grades and colors of leather which will satisfy various needs of consumers. Although they are made into different types of leather luggage, these odors will get weaker or disappear easily.

Find a Girly Luggage Set to Make Your Getaway Glamorous3

Uncomfortable Smells of Mildew Spots Produced after Leather Luggage Was Wetted

Leather luggage is pretty waterproofing but leaving water on the surface of leather often may lead to a crack or lack of luster. If your leather luggage is occasionally wetted by unexpected rain and not dried immediately, it’s likely to send out a spoiled smell as well as lots of mildew spots.

As is known, the genuine leather is distributed with lots of tiny pores that exist before these hides are made into leather. Once these pores are blocked or clogged with water or dirt, which will prevent the leather from breathing, some bad smell may be sent out and mildew spots may be produced.

Final Words:

No matter how these different types of odors are produced, they will disappear as time goes on. The longer and more often you use your leather luggage, the more likely it sends out a type of modest and naturally-aged odor which is appealing.

James Smith is the writer for Munchkin Press. He is a young American writer from California and is currently traveling around the world. He has a passion for helping people and motivates others.

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