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Getting Divorced in the UK? Three Things You May Have Not Considered



Over 100,000 divorces are granted in the UK annually, and there are many reasons for them. While there are different reasons why people get divorced, there is one similarity: getting divorced can be stressful. It can be an emotionally challenging time, which makes navigating UK divorce law overwhelming.

So, where do you begin?

People are usually not familiar with the UK divorce process until you or a loved one look at getting a divorce. Read on for three factors you may not have considered when getting a divorce in the UK.

1. Grounds for Divorce in the UK

Some people presume you can just get a divorce, but there are grounds for divorce in the UK you should consider. You first need to check if you can get a divorce, which usually requires that you have been married for over a year, it has permanently broken down, and it is legally recognized in the UK. You can also consider formal separation.

The main reasons for divorce in the UK are living apart for two to five years, adultery, unreasonable behaviour, and desertion. But from April 6th 2022, there was a significant change in the UK divorce law, as now there is no requirement for finding a fault when filing for divorce. And the process is now digital.

2. No Set Formulas

There is no set formula for deciding how to split assets during a divorce. And there are no rewards for specific behaviour or punishments if one party is at fault. There are some criteria that help guide how assets such as money are split, but you need to agree on how to split items.

The focus is on what each of you needs for your future. You may only require other interventions if one party is trying to hide their assets or money. If you end up in divorce court proceedings, the court will examine these factors.

3. Family Mediation

You do not only have to use a solicitor to help mediate the UK divorce process. It can be helpful to use family mediation to help you agree on how to live apart. Family mediation can help you avoid court proceedings, which can delay your divorce and cause more emotional distress.

Family mediation does not only help to determine how to split assets. It can also help with sensitive decisions such as how to both care for any children or pets in your life. If you want to learn more about family mediation, read more here.

Getting Divorced in the UK With Ease

UK divorce law makes it possible for people to part ways. However, no matter the reason, it does not mean getting divorced is easy. However, taking some time to understand the UK divorce process will help with the practical side of divorce.

You can then focus on healing and moving on with your life. Avoid lengthy divorce proceedings and confusion throughout the process by seeking support, such as through mediation.

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