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Garden Sprayers: How to Choose the Right One



Did you know the most common cause of unhealthy plants is because of underwatering? Use a garden sprayer and keep your garden well-hydrated throughout the hot summer. If you want to learn about sprayers for garden tasks, keep reading.

Consider where you’re going to the garden. What are your watering needs? In this guide, you’ll learn about the different kinds of garden sprayers available on the market.

Ready to learn more? Check out the tips below.

Why Will You Get a Garden Sprayer?

Most homeowners invest in a garden sprayer for the different spray adjustments. There’s a long-range stream or a fine mist.

It’s also helpful because you can stop and start the sprayer whenever. You can prevent over-spraying your garden by using a spray wand. The garden sprayer can wash away insects or diseases hiding below plant leaves.

Hose-End Garden Sprayer

A hose-end sprayer is one of the least expensive garden sprayers on the market. You can attach it to your regular garden hose. Add a concentrated material to your bottle or sprayer jar, like an insecticide.

There’s an adjustment on the bottle, which will help you deliver the proper amount. The force of the water in the hose will haul up the material from the bottle, diluting it.

Use an anti-siphon device that keeps unused material from going into your water.

What About a Tank Sprayer?

Compression or tank sprayers are the most typical kinds of spray equipment.

Before adding water to a marked fill line, you will add concentrated material to the tank. Then you will pump the handle a few times, and the sprayer will deliver the material under pressure.

Your control lever on the wand will control the spray amount and pattern. Compression sprayers give a precise spray that’s helpful for lawn and soil pests. You can adjust the sprayer for either a coarse spray or fine mist.

The tank capacities can range from one quart to more than three gallons for a handheld model. The tank is made from stainless steel, galvanized steel, or polyethylene plastic.

Compression sprayers can spray cleaning solutions on siding and decks.

Have You Considered a Backpack Sprayer?

A backpack sprayer will work similarly to a handheld compression sprayer. It’s an over-the-shoulder setup, making it easier to carry heavy loads.

A homeowner’s backpack sprayer like the flowzone typhoon 2.5 will hold up to four gallons.

Some backpack models will even use a lever-style pump. This will help maintain pressure, but you won’t have to move the unit off your back.

Sprayers for Garden Tasks

Do you know what sprayer you’ll pick up for your garden? There are different kinds of sprayers for garden jobs. You can get a multi-purpose one that will come in handy when you need to power-wash the deck or siding.

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