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Fun Ideas for Your Wedding Day



Wedding Day

Weddings may have been off for over a year, but now it is time to get back into planning mode for your big day as weddings are making a huge comeback. Whether you are searching for clever wedding ideas for the old or young, there is an option for everyone. Gone are the days of abiding by stuffy traditions. If you are looking for ways to wow your entire guest list, take a look below at some of the ideas we have compiled for you.


Every wedding guest looks forward to the cocktail hour, as there is usually an overwhelming amount of food from pasta stations to giant cheese boards. So why not add a bit of pizzazz to yours by hiring a roaming raw bar vendor? Some caterers offer waiters who walk around with oysters paired with mignonette sauces. The food will not only be delicious but also put a little show on for your friends and family. Who said wedding planning can’t be exciting? It can also be a fun idea for the bride and groom to hire a food truck for the after-party. There are so many options that can fit any wedding budget. A few examples could be grilled cheese, pizza, ice cream sandwiches, or mac and cheese. Any family member would fall head over heels for these yummy treats and walk away with a few extra pounds.


Instead of a stuffy reception, why not spice the dance floor up with a celebrity impersonator? This incredible surprise will be the first step in letting your guests know that the party has started and that the Mr. and Mrs. are about to bring down the wedding venue. You can hire anyone from Cher to a look-alike Bruno Mars, and they will help your guests get into the festive mood. If you are worried about your family or friends refusing to dance, a fun idea is for your band or DJ to take dance requests. There will be no excuses for not dancing if guests hear their favorite songs being played. If you want to plan in advance to ensure enough time, you can always send request forms out with the wedding invite. It is also a good idea to monitor how many slow dances are played since this tempo can often put a halt to the party. You want to make sure the atmosphere is high-spirited at all times.

If you are having a carnival theme, you could try a giant game rental to spice up the reception. A little wedding inspiration can help when it comes to the wedding planning process. If you are looking to go all out, you can look into bouncy castles and a makeup artist as well! Your reception will be the talk of the town thanks to your over-the-top rental ideas.

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When in doubt, add a neon sign. Step and repeats and photobooths have been all the rage as of late, so why not step it up a notch with some personal touches? You can have a flower wall made up of your bouquet so bridesmaids, friends, and even the maid of honor can take some amazing pictures of the day. You can also opt for something a bit more funky and creative, like a neon sign with a sweet slogan. You can even incorporate a neon sign with your wedding hashtag for the reception and use it as a cute backdrop for the perfect picture. Friends and family can all share their cute snaps under the same hashtag so you can take a look back on all the fun that was had.

You will remember your special day for the rest of your life, but more often than not, it is the small details that will stick in your mind as the most memorable. With these fun ideas, you will be able to transform your wedding day into a uniquely you celebration and leave your wedding guests talking about the event for years to come.

James Smith is the writer for Munchkin Press. He is a young American writer from California and is currently traveling around the world. He has a passion for helping people and motivates others.

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