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Five Most Valuable Improvements You Can Ever Make To Your House



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As a homeowner, you’ll constantly be thinking of how you can make your home a better place to live. A house is by no means a small investment, and if you want to maintain your purchase, you’ll need to keep adding to it. Although this may seem like a hefty investment, in terms of time and resources, the effort you put in will definitely pay off – that is, if you pick the right home enhancements.

Although there are innumerous options, you can pursue when it comes to home improvements, some are infinitely more valuable than others. These valuable home improvements won’t just make your home more comfortable and aesthetically appealing but can also boost your resale value immensely. We’re sure you’re dying to find out what these valuable home improvements are by now. So, keep reading below to explore the best projects to pursue if you want to get the most utility and value from your home.

Lower energy costs

As the world around us changes, there are numerous reasons why you’ll need to cut back on energy costs. For starters, energy costs are rising fast, and if you want to save money, you’ll need to start thinking of solutions immediately. Additionally, with natural resources depleting at unprecedented rates, we all need to play our part in conserving energy as much as possible. There are multiple ways you can cut back on energy costs. Installing proper insulation is one way to lower energy costs, as it can keep your house cooler or warmer for longer.

However, the most effective way to lower energy costs is by installing solar panels. Solar panels are a one-time investment that will help you lower costs around the house exponentially. Thus, the solar panel cost you do invest in once will be well worth the benefit you get. This renewable energy source will generate electricity for your whole house. There are virtually no drawbacks to switching to solar power. You can generate electricity during daylight hours and use it when the sun goes down. Additionally, the best solar panels come with batteries that help you store excess energy to use later.

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Kitchen remodeling

Apart from lowering energy costs, investing in your kitchen is easily the smartest choice any homeowner can make. If there’s any area in the home which gives you the most utility, it’s the kitchen. Even if you’re not a home chef in the works, you’ll find yourself heading to the kitchen fairly often. Whether you’re whipping up an elaborate three-course meal or just some ramen, there’s no place as comforting as your kitchen.

However, if you haven’t given your kitchen some extra attention, cooking can easily turn into a huge hassle. If you have limited shelf and cabinet space, outdated cabinetry, and leaks, your kitchen can be a nightmare. Not only can this significantly reduce your productivity, but it can also reduce your home’s resale value. Kitchens are one of the first areas prospective buyers assess, and if it isn’t spick and span, you may have trouble making a sale. Revamping your cabinets to make more space for appliances and pantry items is an excellent update. Additionally, you can add a kitchen island, marble countertops, and eye-catching finishes to make your kitchen look stunning.

Add a deck

Adding a deck is an excellent way to upgrade your home and make the most of your outdoor space. Most of us have an abrupt transition from the indoors to the outdoors, with no way to bridge the gap. However, adding a deck can make this transition much more seamless and give you a place to experience the outdoors while still retaining the comfort of being inside. Be it a hazy summer evening or a chilly winter day, there’s no better place to sit and relax than on your deck.

You can furnish your deck in various ways, be it by adding outdoor seating, a bonfire pit and fairy lights, or with a BBQ. With a deck, you have much greater space to host parties and get-togethers or just to relax with your loved ones. When designing your deck, it’s best to stay on the rustic side. Using natural wood can make your deck look stunning, and adding some extra plants like flowers and vines can complete the look.

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Redo your bathrooms

Gone are the days when bathrooms were just a place to shower. Nowadays, bathrooms have immense utility and can double as wardrobes, complete with vanities, making them your personal salons. If you still have a dingy, wet, outdated bathroom, you’re doing your house a disservice. If your bathroom isn’t airy, clean and well-designed, it can make the rest of your home seem dirty too. A bathroom redo may seem like an expensive undertaking, but it is well worth it.

Adding matte tiles and an exhaust fan are great ways to keep moisture away. Additionally, updating fixtures is an excellent way to make your bathroom seem more attractive. Gold accents look stunning, but you can easily go for a more understated look too. While you don’t need to opt for heavier investments such as adding a Jacuzzi, giving your bathroom a sleek look can provide you a huge ROI. Adding plants is yet another way of making your bathrooms seem airier and prettier.


When it comes to renovations, you don’t just need to focus on the indoors. Your yard is the first thing people see when they walk through the gate, and if they’re greeted by a sparse, burnt lawn, the rest of your house won’t make a good impression either. Investing some time and energy into landscaping can give your home a facelift unlike anything else.

Adding trees and flowers, creating a cobblestone path, and maintaining the hedges can make a world of difference. To add further utility to your space, you can set aside an area for gardening, where you plant a vegetable garden. Landscaping doesn’t have to be an expensive undertaking, but it’ll bring you immense benefit.


Adding these improvements to your home can completely alter your experience. They can give you added comfort and utility while boosting your resale value immensely. When undertaking any home improvement project, you have the opportunity to personalize your space and have it reflect your style. These updates will help you make your home a greener, cleaner, and much more functional space.

James Smith is the writer for Munchkin Press. He is a young American writer from California and is currently traveling around the world. He has a passion for helping people and motivates others.

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