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Everything You Need to Know About Email Security



Email Security

A solid email security plan can make a world of difference when protecting your business and your information. We have you covered, from spam filters to data encryption and multi-factor authentication. This article will discuss the most critical factors to consider when creating an email security policy and why these are important for your business. Also, we’ll discuss what archive solutions are available and why they’re essential to your business. You can learn more through Fortinet as well.

Spam filters

Spam filters and email security are crucial to protecting your company from cybercrime. While some spam filters can intercept weak spoofing attempts, more advanced scammers can bypass them. Therefore, it is essential to train your employees to recognize suspicious emails. For example, law enforcement officials suggest that users be wary of emails requesting money transfers and report them to the proper authorities. A few other best email security practices are mentioned below.

Data encryption

There are several reasons to use data encryption for email security. For example, end-to-end encryption ensures the safety of data exchanged via email. Furthermore, data encryption prevents hackers from snooping on emails by preventing them from seeing sensitive information. By using end-to-end encryption, you can ensure the integrity of your data while ensuring that only the intended recipient can decrypt it. Data encryption is a must-have for email security.

It’s an essential part of protecting valuable information assets. Email systems are critical for businesses to secure their most sensitive information. Even the slightest data loss can lead to legal fees, fines, and lost revenue. Unfortunately, traditional approaches to data encryption have been complex and cumbersome to implement. In addition, implementing Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and enforced server-to-server Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption requires recipients to download software, making it difficult to maintain and secure.

Multi-factor authentication

Having multiple forms of identification (such as a mobile phone number and a password) when you use an email account is essential for your security. If an unauthorized user gains access to your account, it will be difficult for them to sign in. Multi-factor authentication for email is also available for other online systems, such as social media accounts. Using these security measures, you can feel more confident that your email accounts are safe.

Multi-factor authentication uses two identity verification methods to protect email accounts and Office 365 access. Adding an extra authentication method can help protect your account from phishing scammers. MFA is not compatible with all mobile phones, so it is best to check with your provider before setting it up on your email. Once the process has been set up, you must use the Outlook App on your mobile device to access your email.

Archiving solutions

An email archiving solution, also known as an archiving server, is a software solution for storing emails on a data center server. These servers are designed for a particular retention period and capacity and allow users to access them via LAN or WAN. ArcTitan is one of many cloud email archiving solutions available today. This solution enables organizations to archive all emails without investing in additional hardware, software, or services.

In addition to legal obligations, email archiving solutions are fully audit-proof and fully automated. Emails are the most common form of communication on the Internet, and as the number of users increases, so does its business value. Additionally, several regulatory bodies require businesses to keep records of all emails for a specified retention period. The modern email archiving solutions available today help organizations meet regulatory compliance requirements yet flexible data management policies and perform searches on multiple mailboxes.

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