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Everything You Need To Know About All-risk Auto Insurance



Everything You Need To Know About All-risk Auto Insurance

In order to find the best all-risk auto insurance , it is important to know how such a contract works, the current guarantees and options, its price and its terms of application. I will explains everything you need to know on the subject so that you can take out comprehensive car insurance that meets your needs.

What Is Comprehensive Insurance?

The owner of a land motor vehicle, such as a car or a motorcycle for example, has the obligation to insure it for civil liability in order to be able to travel on public roads. For this, it is possible to take out third-party insurance, which will meet this legal obligation of insurance by covering at least your civil liability.

Although it allows you to travel legally, third-party insurance has one major drawback: it gives you limited coverage. In fact, you are only covered for material damage and bodily injury that you could cause to a third party. In the event of a responsible accident , you will therefore not be compensated for your own damage. The insurance all automobile risks , for its part, is a formula more protective auto insurance. In addition to covering your civil liability, an all-risk insurance will indeed integrate other guarantees, the nature of which varies according to the contracts. By opting for comprehensive insurance for your car or your motorcycle, you will therefore generally be compensated for all damage to your vehicle, whether you are responsible or not.

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Why Choose Comprehensive Insurance?

Offering a higher level of guarantees than a third party or intermediary formula, all risk auto insurance is therefore generally more expensive. Despite everything, this contract can be relevant in several situations.

  • To be more serene: by taking out comprehensive insurance for your car , you know that you are covered in many situations (responsible accident, third party identified or not, theft and acts of vandalism, etc.You can thus use your vehicle more serenely, having less to fear the possible financial consequences of a disaster.
  • For heavy rollers: logically, motorists using their vehicle daily are more likely to be victims of an accident than an occasional driver, despite generally having more experience. Offering more guarantees, all-risk insurance can therefore be a solution to be better covered.
  • For valuable vehicles: in the event of a claim, the cost of repairing or replacing an expensive vehicle may be higher. Taking out all-risk auto insurance allows you to be better compensated.

When To Insure A Car In All Risks?

As mentioned earlier, comprehensive auto insurance  is primarily intended for vehicles with the highest repair and replacement cost. Why? Quite simply because it will ensure, in the event of a guaranteed loss, a more substantial compensation, making it possible to limit the financial cost to the load of the motorist. The interest of an all-risk auto insurance will therefore concern in particular:

  • new or recent vehicles;
  • high-end and luxury vehicles;
  • vehicles that required a significant investment or that you have not finished repaying;
  • “rare” vehicles, whose value is significant on the second-hand market (such as vintage cars for example);
  • “innovative” vehicles, for which the labor cost in the event of repair can be high (such as electric cars for example).

As a general rule, the choice of comprehensive insurance for a car that is more than 5 years old or even more than 10 years old will not always be relevant, since its value is then lower. In this situation, the amount of contributions may indeed seem disproportionate in relation to the compensation to which you can claim. But this is not always the case: it depends on your personal situation.

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What Does Comprehensive Auto Insurance Cover?

Although the guarantees of an all-risk auto insurance vary by contract, you generally benefit from extensive protection against all major losses caused to your vehicle (accident, fire, theft, etc.). Most often, you also have the option of taking out optional guarantees in order to benefit from even wider coverage.

  1. The main guarantees of all-risk insurance

The guarantees of an all-risk insurance may vary from one contract to another. Despite everything, most insurances include a common base of guarantees, in addition to the coverage of your civil liability.

  • Damage from all accidents: collision with another vehicle, collision with a guardrail, overturning the vehicle or forgetting the handbrake, comprehensive insurance covers you in most cases. Even in the absence of an identified third party or if you are responsible for the accident, all-risk auto insurance will be able to compensate the damage suffered by the vehicle.
  • Theft and vandalism: with comprehensive insurance, the theft of your car and its accessories is generally covered, as well as attempted theft or acts of vandalism. Theft of hubcaps, tags on the vehicle or even flat tires: the comprehensive insurance will be liable to compensate you in all these situations.
  • Fire and explosion: your contract will generally cover damage to your vehicle resulting from a fire or explosion, including if it occurs during a popular movement (demonstration, etc.).
  • Climatic events: storm, hail, flood, landslide… so many events that can cause damage to your car or motorcycle. Most often, you will be covered by your contract, even if a state of natural disaster is not declared.
  1. Optional all-risk insurance guarantees

Fire, theft, accident at fault (for which you are responsible) or even vandalism: all-risk auto insurance protects you in most situations. But depending on the contract, it can also include various options to extend your coverage even further. In particular, you can benefit from:

  • 0 km breakdown assistance allowing you to be repaired, even in front of your house;
  • an increased reimbursement allowing you to be better compensated in the event of destruction of your vehicle;
  • coverage of bodily injury to the driver in the event of a responsible accident;
  • reimbursement of your personal effects, if they are destroyed during a disaster or stolen from the vehicle.

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  1. The price of comprehensive auto insurance

The price of an all-risk car insurance is generally higher than the third-party or intermediary formulas, insofar as this contract offers extensive coverage. Nevertheless, the price of an all-risk insurance is likely to vary from one contract to another since it depends on many criteria.

  • Your profile: before making an all-risk insurance quote , know that your driver profile is important in pricing. Your age, your driving experience, the length of your license, your insurance history, your geographic location… all elements that may be taken into account by insurers.
  • Your use of the vehicle: the price of all-risk insurance may also change depending on your use of the vehicle (private trips, private and personal trips, etc.), the number of drivers designated in the contract, your parking place (private garage, street, etc.) or the annual mileage you achieve.
  • The characteristics of the vehicle: before hoping to find an insurance contract for your cheap all – risk car , note that the nature of your vehicle has a significant role in pricing. The type of vehicle (car, motorcycle , utility, etc.), its value, its age, its mileage, its power, its average repair cost or even its loss rate can indeed have an impact.
  1. All-risk auto insurance deductible

Following a guaranteed loss, the all-risk auto insurance deductible corresponds to the amount that will remain payable by you following any compensation from the insurer. In the case of all-risk auto insurance with excess, the amount for each cover (theft, accident, broken glass, etc.) and its conditions of application are indicated in your contract. You will usually need to do this in two different situations:

  • in the event of a claim involving your liability;
  • if the offending third party could not be identified (vandalism, hit-and-run, etc.).

However, it is possible to opt for all-risk auto insurance without excess , by making a surrender on one or more guarantees. This operation allows you to no longer have to assume a deductible on the items of your choice in the event of a claim, provided that you accept in return an increase in the amount of your contributions.

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