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Essential Things You Need to Know Regarding Schoolies 2021 Holiday



Essential Things You Need to Know Regarding Schoolies 2021 Holiday

Participating in Schoolies week is an unforgettable experience because you get to enjoy and have freedom for several days, without worrying about a thing. By becoming a Schoolies participant, you will have the opportunity to party and celebrate your high school graduation together with your friends and have the time of your lives.

However, despite the significance of Schoolies week, there are still individuals who are not aware of what happens during this weeklong celebration.

To address this issue, this article will talk about Schoolies 2021 holiday and the essential things you need to know regarding it.

What is Schoolies?

According to an article, Schoolies or “Schoolies week” is an Australian tradition that started during the late 1970s. It typically lasts for a week that starts by late November to early December, before the start of the Christmas holidays.

The event involves high-school graduates that are celebrating their graduation at popular tourist destinations in the country, such as Gold Coast and Surfers Paradise. Also, some Schoolies organizers offer exceptional trips for Schoolies 2021 to visit locations with beautiful beaches, historic cities, and gorgeous mountains.

What are the Locations That I Can Visit for Schoolies 2021?

There are several places that you can visit for next year’s Schoolies that will undoubtedly give you a wonderful experience. These places include the following:

Fiji Islands

Fiji is a country geographically situated in the South Pacific and is made up of hundreds of islands that are surrounded by crystal blue waters and white sandy beaches. By visiting Fiji, you will be able to spend time on an island and experience amazing sunsets.

After relaxing on the beach, the whole afternoon, you can dance the night away with amazing music produced by international DJs from beach parties. If you consider yourself a beach-lover, then going to the Fiji Islands for your Schoolies holiday is the best choice.

Europe Tour

If history interests you, then going on a Europe tour for your Schoolies holiday next year is a must. You will be able to visit countries, such as Belgium, England, Italy, and Austria while having a great time and learning about their culture. You will surely create new friends in the process while going on an adventure of a lifetime.


Japan is one of the most historical countries in the world, which is why a lot of people want to visit this country and experience their culture. Celebrating your Schoolies for the year 2021 in this country allows you to go skiing in Japan’s famous mountains that are home to the highest snowfall in the country.

Where Should I Book my Schoolies Week for 2021?

When choosing your Schoolies organiser for 2021, make sure that you only select a reputable company that offers awesome holiday experiences, for you to get your money’s worth. It would be best that you read testimonials and reviews from previous Schoolies attendees to know what it’s like attending a Schoolies week organized by a certain company.



Schoolies are attended by thousands of Australians every year, which means the demand for it is so high that you may not get your chosen trip if you don’t book soon. You would be better off by booking your Schoolies for 2021 as soon as possible so that you can reserve your slot on a Schoolies trip of your choice.

Checkout a trusted and reliable Schoolies organiser, and start looking forward to something exciting for next year!

James Smith is the writer for Munchkin Press. He is a young American writer from California and is currently traveling around the world. He has a passion for helping people and motivates others.

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