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Ensuring Safety For The Construction Workers



Construction Workers

The construction industry is a source of bread and butter for millions of people around the globe. It is also one of the dangerous industries due to the nature of the work involved. The workers are often working with hazardous materials, chemicals, and dangerous machines to finish their job. In the UK, in the year 2019/20, there were 40 deaths of construction workers. The number of workers struggling with health-related issues was an altogether different issue, with the number appearing in thousands.

The health risk associated with the construction industry include electrocution, falling from the heights, chemical fumes, falling objects, and structure collapses. Safety is paramount of concern of this industry which is often neglected to save some dollars on the overall cost of the project. Here are some ways for ensuring the safety of the construction workers; after all, you need a healthy workforce to work on your project if you intend to achieve high-quality output.

⦁ Manage Your Workers’ Stay In Safe Man Camps

Workers are not always hired from the same area. Some of the construction workers come from far-flung locales. Some of them make daily commute others live in man camps or workers lodged. Those who travel every day are also prone to accidents on the road. So, if you are a constructor, keeping your workforce in workforce lodges is a safe option. If you don’t know how to find suitable man camps in your area, try taking the help of Google. You can type a general query and the name of the city. For instance, if you are in Odessa, Texas, try searching online for man camps in Odessa TX. Check the ratings and customer comments of these lodges before you make a decision. As a manager, you might want to cut the cost of your project, but who will work on your project if you don’t have a healthy workforce? So, instead of making your workers live in the ghettos due to fear of cost, provide them with basic living conditions to prevent them from getting diseases often present in overcrowded areas. Additionally, you can also save them from traveling every day.

⦁ Make Your Employees Wear Protective Gear

Many of the accidents happen on the construction sites because of the carelessness of the workers and the lack of stringent guidelines to adhere to safety standards. The most common cause of flunking the safety is ignoring the proper use of protective gear. The gear includes gloves, helmet, protective suit, face shield, ear protection, or safety goggles, depending on the project. Wearing the right equipment clearly makes a difference between a major and minor injury. For instance, if you have the safety helmet on, your head may get lesser impact after a fall. It is an obligation for the construction manager to provide all the guidelines about the proper safety equipment and make it available to them according to their project type.

⦁ Make Sure The Scaffolding Can Withstand The Weight

Scaffolding is usually used on construction sites to reach heights that a person cannot reach independently. When you start the project that includes the use of scaffolding, make sure it is appropriately constructed and has all the locks and connections adequately built. Improper scaffolding can be very dangerous, so there can never be any shortcuts on compromises on the quality. You should build it on the stable ground, so it does not move when you stand on it.

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⦁ Display Easily Readable Signs

Often the construction site is extensive and spread over a large area. Workers might be working on different parts and aspects of a project. So, they may not know what is happening on the other side of the construction site. Display clear sights about any pits dug into the ground, wet ground, polished area, slippery area, etc. These signs should be easily readable by everyone working on the project. These signs not only help the workers from coming in contact with instances such as an accidentally falling object, but it also helps people nearby too.

⦁ Avoid When Big Machinery Is Used

Construction sites are often crowded places. Not just commercial projects, it is often true for residential projects as well. So, the use of big machinery is imperative. Cranes are also used to lift a large object. So people also gather to see how these colossal machinery works, which increases the risk of accidents and unnecessary exposure to construction hazards. So, make sure no one is under or in the range when large machinery is at work. The signs should clearly state that the large machinery is operational. In case of an accident, the onlookers can’t blame the operator as it has been doing its job. You must know what 3 types of cranes used in construction for better safety and knowledge.

⦁ Use Clean And Straight Ramps

The construction sites often use ramps for loading and unloading of objects. With it comes the hazard of objects rolling over and you coming in contact with it. This happens when ramps are not straight or not clean. When loading or unloading equipment, ensure that the ramps have enough space to provide the necessary distance between you and the objects.

⦁ Properly Check Your Ladder Before Using Them

If your work includes moving up and down the ladder, you have to be very careful about the ladder. Before starting your day’s work, thoroughly inspect the ladders for any weak, broken, or loose spots. If you find any such issues, replace the ladder with the right one or repair all the damages. As ladders are used to climbing heights, so you should never take any risk at this spot. The ladders should be installed on clear and flat ground where they can stand without a wobbly effect. Clear the areas of any equipment or machinery before fixing the ladder at the spot.

Construction sites are mired with safety hazards, but ensuring the safety of the construction workers is fundamental to finishing the project on time and achieve the best results. However, regardless of its importance, the safety of the construction worker is one of the neglected areas. As a result, it causes deadly accidents. The construction manager must ensure the safety of the construction workers, including developing guidelines for using protective gear, ensuring the safe use of construction machinery and equipment, and much more.

James Smith is the writer for Munchkin Press. He is a young American writer from California and is currently traveling around the world. He has a passion for helping people and motivates others.

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