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Easy Health Checks You Can Do At Home



Health Checks

Have you ever wondered, “how do I check my body health at home?” While visiting the doctor is essential when you are not feeling well, some of the routine health check-ups your doctor performs can be done at home.

Monitoring your health is a great way to maintain a healthy body and catch small problems before they turn into serious issues. Best of all, you don’t need to be a doctor to perform many routine health checks and have peace of mind that you are in good shape. If you do have suspicious results, you can talk to your doctor and receive treatment right away.

If you are thinking of ways to take control of your health, here are a few checks you can perform at home.

Pulse Check

Taking your pulse is a great way to check for an irregular heartbeat. This is a simple check that can be done by placing your fingertips on your wrist or the side of your lower neck. You are checking for a steady pulse that does not feel too weak or too intense.

Breast Exam

For women, performing a self-examination on your breasts can be a life-saving task. Breast exams can detect early breast cancer so you can get treatment right away. It’s recommended women perform this exam every month.

Testicular Exam

Similar to a breast exam for women, a testicular exam for men is an essential self-check you should do at home. After a warm shower or bath, check for lumps, swelling, sharp pains, or any abnormalities with the scrotum. It’s recommended men perform this exam every month.

Blood Pressure

One of the easiest home health checks to do is a blood pressure check. You just need to purchase a monitor and check your blood pressure regularly. This is also an ideal way to check your pulse as well.

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Skin Check

Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer that can range from easy to treat to very difficult to treat. Fortunately, you can screen yourself for skin cancer by looking for moles or growths that are changing, itching, bleeding, or crusting over. Check monthly and contact your doctor immediately if you find one of these growths

Stair Test

A great tip for how to do a health check on your heart is to perform a stair test. This is a great way to check your risk of developing cancer or heart disease. For this test, you need to climb four flights of stairs without stopping in one minute or less.

These Are the Health Checks You Can Do at Home

By performing these health checks, you can monitor your health from the comfort of your home.

Consider performing a pulse check and a breast or testicular exam. You should also routinely check your blood pressure to ensure it’s not too high or too low. Make sure to examine your skin and perform a stair test to monitor your heart health.

If you are concerned about the results of any of these tests, be sure to contact your doctor immediately.

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