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Drink to Your Health! How Drink Trends Have Entered the Wellness Industry



Drink to Your Health! How Drink Trends Have Entered the Wellness Industry

Are you ready to clean out your shelves and fridges of processed food and drinks, sugar-filled beverages, and energy drinks? You’d be joining millions of people who are becoming more health-conscious. We are more informed than ever about the stuff we are consuming, and it shows.

So how is the beverage industry keeping up? Check out these healthy drink trends booming in the world today, with no indication of slowing down.

Alcohol-free on the Rise

Mocktails, alcohol-free cocktails, have been limited to a sugary sweet daiquiri or pina colada. However, health trends have caused more and more people to cut booze from their diets, partake in sober months, and experiment with alcohol-free beverages.

The beverage industry has risen to the occasion, with more and more alcohol-free beers, wines, and even spirits. Bold flavors that imitate your favorite alcoholic beverages are flooding the market.

Functional Beverages

Consumers are more concerned than ever about what they’re putting into their bodies. People have begun to move away from grabbing an energy drink loaded with caffeine for an energy boost.

The demand for functional beverages is on the rise. Drinks loaded with nutrients, amino acids, probiotics and prebiotics, and a whole lot of other goodies.

CBD beverages form part of this functional category. Consumers look to quench their thirst with beneficial additives.

You’ll find businesses with machines such as those from providing ready-made functional beverages.

Dairy-Free Milk

One of the most prominent shifts in the beverage consumer market is from cow’s milk to plant-based options. A couple of years ago, soy was the only alternative offered at some coffee shops or in the supermarket.

Now, the isles and menus fill up with a variety of plant-based milk. These include oat, almond, coconut, cashew, rice, and more. Companies are producing barista additions of these dairy-free options. These kinds of milk can be foamed and creamed for cappuccinos, flat whites, and lattes.

Adaptogen Beverage Boosters

Adaptogens are plants and herbs with nutritious benefits and we’re seeing them pop up in the beverage industry. These are heavily influenced by Chinese traditional medicine and ayurvedic principles.

For example, reishi mushroom blends have become very popular.

These adaptogens help to stabilize energy drinks and restore balance in the body and are increasingly added to energy drinks.

Environmentally Conscious Drinks

Health perceptions and the green movement are intimately connected. As consumers turn to a focus on health, so to have consumers turned to the health of the planet.

Beverage trends have started to move towards sustainable practices at the insistence of the market. People want to consume organic, sustainable drinks with eco-friendly packaging. And the beverage industry is delivering.

Jumping Onboard the Drink Trends Train

Goodbye caffeine loaded energy drinks and milky coffees. Hello, functional beverages and mushroom teas. The drink trends in the past year have mirrored consumer’s concern with health and well-being. And beverage industries have stepped up to the challenge to provide healthy options to quench thirst.

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James Smith is the writer for Munchkin Press. He is a young American writer from California and is currently traveling around the world. He has a passion for helping people and motivates others.

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