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Document Verification Services- Ultimate way to Prevent Identity Frauds



Document Verification Services- Ultimate way to Prevent Identity Frauds

Every type of business including fintech, airports, social media websites, and e-commerce platforms tends to interact with millions of customers on a regular basis which means gathering and verifying millions of identity documents and form filings. Such procedures are set mandatory by the regulatory authorities as fraud prevention. But fulfilling the obligation is quite challenging due to multiple reasons including insufficient resources and low-security standards.

Therefore, the online document verification service is getting insight due to its exceptional capabilities. It’s well equipped with advanced technologies like OCR and AI which accurately validates the customers’ identity documents using document checks.

Document Verification Solution

The automated process of verifying and authenticating the customers’ identity documents as well as their templates comes under digital document verification. It has a well-established set of standards and checks which precisely determine the legitimate and false document during the verification process.

Process of document verification

Uploading the documents

To start the verification process, the system requests the customer to upload scanned copies or photos of all government-issued identity documents such as identity cards, driving licenses, etc.

Information Extractions

After the document is uploaded, the information from the documents is extracted using the OCR technology which is integrated into the online document verification system. Due to this, all the challenges are overcome and the data extraction is done flawlessly

Verification of Documents

This is considered the vital step of the ID document verification process. The documents are processed against the document checks. This is the most complex task but using AI-based software each document is thoroughly authenticated and every minor inch of details are checked in order to detect any signs of manipulating the system. If the customers’ documents get verified they are onboarded.

Role of Technology-Based Document Verification to Diminish Frauds

Everyone has gone through the identity verification procedures either when they perform financial transactions or to open an account in a bank, the customer has to provide all the government-issued identity documents such as ID card, driving license, or voting card. Usually, this is done manually by employing a verification officer. This method was not very effective as it was quite easy to manipulate the system by providing the forged documents.

However, as the ultra-modern world is experiencing technological innovations, AI plays a significant part in improving the traditionally done document authentication and making it fully automated. Identity document verification software enables the business to authenticate the documents remotely. By integrating such services the businesses are now capable of doing online transactions by verifying the customers’ real identity and documents via digital means. On another hand, due to technological advancement, criminals are also becoming smarter in their activities. They have discovered new ways of manipulating the system which include the creation of illegal and forged documents. However, using AI-driven online document verification software all the fraudsters trying to use this trick are detected and threats are found.

The potency of AI-Based Document Verification

Document Authenticity Check

The document verification software is encoded with the AI and ML algorithms which are used to check the originality of the customers’ ID documents

Document Format Identification

The government-issued identity documents have a standard format that is not easily copied or remade. So using the online document verification the formats are precisely identified and the risk of fraud is normalized

Document MRZ Code Verification

Using the automated document authentication method, the authenticity of the MRZ codes is checked in order to determine any kind of modifications or tampering in the legitimate documents. Once, the MRZ is verified the code is decoded and is compared with the customers’ information within the ID documents

Fold Edges Detection

The documents are made up of paper, which makes them vulnerable to water and other faults like folding edges. This more or less affects the authenticity of the customers’ documents. Therefore, with AI assistance such instances are detected

Document Tempering and Photoshop Detection

The AI algorithms are perfectly trained on the datasets having various document templates and other necessary information. Due to this, identity document verification solutions are able to detect any changes in the single set of pixels of the document. Thus, signs of photoshops or tempering are accurately detected at ease which was impossible to determine through human intervention

Final Thoughts 

Digital businesses are thriving to improve customer identity verification procedures. The traditional ways are not so effective and give plenty of space to the criminals to exploit the system. Thus, artificial intelligence base document verification services are trending in the market which promises to lift up the cybersecurity measure and prevent identity frauds and pave the way for onboarding customers seamlessly.

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