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Do I Need Therapy? 4 Signs It’s Time to Get Support



Have you ever considered whether you’ll need therapy to improve your mental health?

If you start therapy, you’ll be on your path to self-care. You’ll ensure that your mental health will be in check and that you’ll find it much easier to cope with the difficulties of life.

But have you been skeptical about whether you should start therapy? Are you wondering ‘do I need therapy?’

Here are the signs that you should start therapy:

1. You’re Experiencing Depression Symptoms

If you’re experiencing depression symptoms, then now’s the time to find therapists who can assist you.

Depression can take over your life and hinder your work, diet, and enjoyment. In serious cases, people lose hope for their life due to their depression.

If you’ve felt depressed for several weeks and have lost motivation for your life, you should consider seeing a therapist immediately!

2. You Have Difficulty Sleeping

If you have trouble getting to sleep at night, then you should find a therapist. Sleeping is crucial to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and your mental health will suffer if you don’t get adequate sleep.

Many people will resort to using medication to help them sleep. However, it’s not always the best option.

Often, the reason you aren’t being able to sleep is because of your mental health. You’re feeling disturbed or depressed and are unable to fall asleep. If you start therapy, you can expect assistance on how to improve your sleep patterns.

3. Weight Fluctuation

It’s normal for your weight to fluctuate but if you experience weight gain or weight loss at high levels, then you should consider starting therapy.

You might find that each week you either gain or lose 2-5 pounds or more. If so, then you should consider therapy.

This extreme fluctuation is likely a result of poor mental health. You might be eating less and not getting adequate nutrition. In other cases, you’re eating excessively to cope with depression symptoms.

If you haven’t felt well with your mental health, then you want to start weighing yourself each week. If you notice extreme weight fluctuation, you want to start finding a therapist.

4. Harmful Coping Strategies

Many times, we can deal with our mental health and even depression symptoms on our own.

Many people can do this without needing therapy. However, you might find that you’re using harmful coping strategies to “improve” your mental health.

These might include abusing drugs and alcohol, watching excessive entertainment, or isolating yourself from others. If you’ve indulged in these coping strategies then you need to consider therapy to help you.

Do I Need Therapy? Now You Know

Now you know the answer to do I need therapy? While you have to make efforts to look after your mental health, it also helps to start therapy.

If you’ve experienced depression symptoms for several weeks, then you should find a therapist. If you’ve had difficulty sleeping this will also harm your mental health.

Extreme weight fluctuations can also lead to poor mental health and often, therapy is the best way to alleviate this. If you’ve indulged in harmful coping strategies you should strongly consider therapy.

You can find more tips to care for your mental health on our website!

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