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Ditch the Lengthy Process: Top Three Skin Care Essentials in Your Daily Beauty Routine



Skin Care

Who does not dream of a healthy, younger-looking, properly taken care of the skin? Beautiful skin is every human being’s goal. While the nearly impossible, fairy-tale clear and ageless skin is everyone’s ultimate dream, this seemingly impossible result compels us to try and purchase a lot of hair and skin care products being advertised by almost perfect endorsers.

As we get excited to grab and try these skin care products, most of us become sloppy and end up having a pile of skin care regimens that eventually become unused and expired. Who can relate? Who can blame us? Would you choose a lengthy skin care routine over our most-deserved sleep at night? If you work daily for more than 8 hours a day, or you are a working mom, or you are a father who needs to pick up the kids from school and drop by at the groceries to help your wife, who will have time for extensive skin care at night, or in the morning before you go to work? No one.

Despite the fact, to say that a daily skin care routine is essential is an understatement. Our overall physical appearance, where good skin quality is a major contributor, gives us the confidence to carry and present ourselves, making us more successful in our career or whatever we do in our lives. When we do not have to worry about rough skin, we can focus our time and energy on what matters more in our daily activities, like taking good care of the family, doing well in our career, nailing business presentations, or establishing a positive client relationship, among others.

So the question is, how do we maintain or improve our skin without having to go through the effortful, lengthy process of a skin care routine? Here I listed down the top three skin care essentials that you should prioritize to maintain or improve your skin quality. It won’t take long, and you would not feel sorry for your skin, a win-win situation!


           No matter how tired you are at night, do your skin a favour. Cleanse before you sleep. It does not matter whether you use a foam cleanser, an exfoliating scrub, or gel cleanser; what matters is you take that time to help your skin get rid of the excess oil and dirt that can clog your pores and promote bad bacteria, eventually becoming a skin problem. A cleanser is something you do not want to miss regardless of how busy you are.


Most of the people I know would ditch the moisturizer step in a basic skin care routine due to many misconceptions like it can make the skin oilier or attract more dirt. The truth is, moisturizers play an important role in regulating the skin’s moisture, reducing excessive dryness or oiliness. A moisturizer can help the skin prevent minor problems such as acne, blemishes, and dry patches with regular use. There are day and night moisturizers, which Is very practical because most of the daytime moisturizers also contain a decent amount of SPF to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays, another contributing factor to skin aging and sagging.

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Eye Cream

If you notice, among the faces where ageing becomes very noticeable is the eye area. This is because the skin surrounding our eyes is so delicate, it requires extra attention in our skin care routine. We should use a different moisturizer specific to our eyes to delay or prevent signs of aging. I regret that due to our eye area’s sensitivity, I do not recommend ditching the eye cream in your routine, but no worries because our eye area is small; it should not take us forever to keep them young-looking.

So forget about your skin care list and the difficult-to-memorize instructions, and remember these three essentials as the new rule of the thumb in keeping your skin clean, healthy, and glowing.

James Smith is the writer for Munchkin Press. He is a young American writer from California and is currently traveling around the world. He has a passion for helping people and motivates others.

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