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Debunking the Most Common Home Flooring Myths That Exist Today



Have you been looking into replacing your home’s flooring? If so, it’s likely that you’ve been coming across an abundance of flooring myths on the web. How can you make your decision and find the best floors for you if you can’t find the facts?

We’re here to help you separate myths from reality. Read on to learn all about three common residential flooring myths.

Hardwood Floors Are Too High-Maintenance

Everyone knows that hardwood floors are beautiful, and many people seek them out when they’re buying new homes or renting new apartments. That said, it’s also common to hear about how high-maintenance these floors are.

Is this really true?

Yes and no. Vintage hardwood floors that you’ll find in old homes are beautiful, but they aren’t as resilient as modern hardwood floors. If you don’t seal them properly, you may end up with damage.

It’s not uncommon for old wood to warp with water, for example.

Newer hardwood floors, as long as they’re properly sealed, are easy to maintain. They’re easier to clean than carpet and they’re resistant to water as long as you pick the right type.

When you’re interested in wood floor installation, talk to your installation expert about the right type of wood for you if you value a low-maintenance option.

Vinyl Flooring Looks “Cheap”

So what about vinyl flooring?

Vinyl flooring has a bad reputation. Many people think that it always looks cheap, or that it’s only a good option for people who can’t afford “real” hardwood floors.

This isn’t true. There are so many varieties of vinyl flooring that you’re sure to find one that suits your aesthetic preference, even if you have expensive taste.

Vinyl doesn’t have to look like wood, even if wood-look vinyl is one of the more popular options. If you think that vinyl “wood” looks artificial or cheap, you can choose vinyl “tile” or vinyl “stone” which may look more authentic to you.

In short, it’s likely that you’ve seen vinyl floors that looked great so you didn’t even realize that they were vinyl. Vinyl is one of the best flooring options when it comes to both cost and maintenance.

Carpet Is Inherently Bad

Like vinyl, carpet has been developing a bad reputation lately. Again, many people seek out hardwood floors instead of carpet when they’re choosing residential flooring options. Is carpet really that bad?

Carpet has pros and cons. It’s great when you have children because it’s soft enough for them to crawl and play on. It comes in plenty of varieties so you can choose something plush and colorful or plain and flat.

It is possible for a carpet to hold onto allergens and dirt, but as long as you vacuum regularly and do a full deep-clean at least once per year, your carpet will remain clean.

Have You Heard These Flooring Myths?

Myths about various types of floors are pervasive on the internet. As a smart homeowner, you need to be able to cut through the flooring myths and get the real facts if you want to choose the right floors for your home.

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