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Common issues faced by recruiters who don’t use recruitment CRM software



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Recruiters have a challenging job. They must find the best candidates in the shortest amount of time. And a lot of staffing agencies want their recruiters to achieve this without the support of any good recruitment CRM systems.

The lack of a good recruitment platform gives rise to many issues. In fact, they are a big hindrance to reaching maximum efficiency and productivity. Recruitment firms that do not invest in the best recruitment software for agencies are losing out on a lot of progress and success.

Let’s discuss some of the most common issues stopping recruiters from achieving high-quality results.

Stuck with tedious admin

While networking and talking to job seekers is a critical part of a recruiter’s role, a huge chunk of time is taken up by the repetitive admin tasks. These include CV parsing and branding, and fixing interviews. Recruiters need to parse all the CVs to find suitable and skilled candidates. The best CVs are branded so that there is uniformity when the applicant resumes are being presented to the hiring company. These tasks are mundane but cyclical. Recruiters cannot avoid them. One job advert can get hundreds of applications. It will take weeks to go through the candidate resumes and cover letters. Replacing this tiresome, futile method with the best recruitment software is extremely beneficial as it saves hours of valuable time each week.

Poor communication hampers candidate experience

Communication is integral for any successful business. Recruiters deal with hundreds of people – candidates and hiring managers. Focusing on keeping the communication well-structured and straightforward helps in improving the overall recruiting experience. The job hunt process is never easy for anyone. Candidates can find themselves waiting for weeks to hear back from interviews. Skilled candidates are highly in demand. If a recruiter or hiring company is not swift enough then the top talent will quickly move on. Great communication means responding to candidates quickly with succinct information as well as keeping them updated. And because it can be challenging to keep communication with hundreds of applicants updated and quick, it is smart to leverage recruitment agency software.

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Compliance checks become complicated

GDPR and IR35 regulations are necessary but can be complex for recruiters. The compliance checks can be made easier using recruitment CRM systems that are designed to check and ensure that all candidates meet these legal criteria. With the help of recruitment software, conducting the right-to-work document checks becomes simple. This CRM can also act as an IR35 software that helps recruiters determine whether their candidate is within or outside the IR35 regulation. GDPR rules may vary from one region to another globally, but it is taken quite seriously in Europe. It is mandatory to get consent before accessing and storing personal information. Failure to comply with these important laws can result in hefty fines which can even close a business.

Remote recruiting is tough

Modern tech tools are vital in today’s time. The recruitment industry is no different. If recruiters want to work remotely and take up virtual recruiting to keep up with the evolving times, then it is of utmost importance to utilise a good recruitment agency software. The remote hiring strategy needs cloud-based recruitment software for painless workflow. Along with additional tools like candidate skills testing software, video calling software and e-signature tools, a good recruitment database software is key to ensuring that a staffing agency is competitive in the modern market. Candidates expect a virtual hiring process these days. And a smooth, efficient one can be delivered by a recruitment CRM platform and the other equally necessary tools.

James Smith is the writer for Munchkin Press. He is a young American writer from California and is currently traveling around the world. He has a passion for helping people and motivates others.

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