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CDS: What Is The Role Of Chief Of Defence Staff?



CDS What Is The Role Of Chief Of Defence Staff

CDS means the high ranked officer. It is also known as “Chief Of Defence Staff”. Aspirants who have always wanted to be in defense can find UPSC CDS Job Profile quite lucrative. You must go for this exam if you want to have a bright and successful future.

UPSC CDS Cut Off means you would be required minimum qualifying marks, which the candidate requires securing in the context of qualifying for the exam. CDS stands for Chief Of Defence Staff which is a high military office. The motto of this platform is all about overseeing as well as handling all needed activities in the prominent three defense services in our country. It already shows how significant it could be. Talking about the prominent countries along with the advanced military such as in the United Kingdom, they do have a post carrying different power itself as well as authority. Moreover, this highly ranked job post is quite significant in the context of amalgamation of tri-service personnel in our country.

What Does A Role Of CDS: The High Ranked Officer –

Have you been wondering what could be the role of the Chief of Defence Staff? Here, we are going to explain in a detailed manner. Let us check it out –

  • Being A PMA – This abbreviation means the Principal Military Adviser.He would be doing the MA to the NCA handling the nuclear arsenal of the country. They know how to tackle everything in a detailed manner. CDS would be acting as the PMA to the Defence Minister on tri-services matters.
  • Duties Related To TheDepartment of Military Affairs – Talking about the department of military affairs, this job role is also driven by the CDS. Talking about the duties of the Department of Military Affairs, it will also be including different types of incredible and excellent areas –
    • You will be into doing different duties including promoting jointness in procurement, doing staff-related things, and training-oriented services.
    • The next on the list is about encouraging indigenous equipment by the services
    • Talking about the facilitation of restructuring of military commands regarding optimal utilization of resources
  • The Role Of Being A Permanent Chairman Of The Chiefs Of Staff Committee – The CDS would also be the permanent chairperson of the Chiefs of Staff Committee. Being a permanent chair, CDS will be responsible for doing these things suchas  –
    • You would be responsible for handing all sorts of tri-service organizations as well as commands to make sure that everything is going so smooth and in an ideal manner
    • The function being the MA to the NCA also known as a Nuclear Command Authority to let things do happen easily and smoothly indeed
    • The implement of 5 year DCAP, as well as 2 year roll on AAP, are also strategized
    • Doing coordinate operations, training, transport, and support service communications

What About the Significance of CDS When it comes to country’s Security –

Have you been contemplating the significance of CDS in India’s security? You have landed on the right platform. In this section, we are going to mention these –

  • CDS would be responsible to do ideal Indeed a reputedmilitary office would be overseeing as well as coordinating which would be working on the three defense services all across the country. It would be leading towards encouraging security.
  • CDS will also be responsible to impart effective leadership available at the highlevel in the context of armed forces’ three wings.
  • The next on the list is all about resource optimization since it would be helping you in the context of tackling threats It would be helping you in the context of optimal use of available things and opportunities. Here, it needs to mention that policy-making is done regarding operations, joint logistics and procurement would be improving.
  • It will be providing you a single as well as idealperspective instead of not-reputed individual services perspective indeed.
  • Talking about ideal and smoothmanagement, it would be helping you in the context of holistic management of the country’s security in the context of optimized results and ideal military advice in the context of the country’s national security.


India is regarded as a reputed country having a Defence Ministry but without military professionals. We need to go with a sophisticated national security strategy. A post of CDS can help in this context to mitigate these issues. Preparing for the exam and being appointed can truly make you feel proud.

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