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CBD for Cats: What Are the Benefits?



CBD for Cats

Most people don’t take time to learn about what their cats’ behaviors mean. When you start to learn, you’ll find that your pet has a set of needs you may never have considered.

Whether they’re in pain, overstimulated, or anxious, CBD for cats can help them chill out. When you use them with care, cat CBD products serve as a handy tool for kitty parents trying to make their fur babies as comfortable as possible.

Take a look at this guide on some top benefits of CBD for cats.

1. CBD for Cats Treats Anxiety

People all around the United States have turned to cannabis as a way to chill out as more states make the substance legal. Its usefulness as a treatment for mental conditions like anxiety and PTSD is one of the driving forces behind the popularity of medical marijuana. As it turns out, the cannabis plant can help cats calm down, too.

Adult humans are safe using cannabis containing THC, known as marijuana. On the other hand, only THC free products, which come from hemp, are safe for cats. Hemp is the same plant as marijuana, Cannabis sativa, but it contains 0.3% or less THC. For that reason, CBD from hemp is the safest bet for our feline friends.

2. Cats With Chronic Pain Can Use CBD

One of the most popular reasons for humans to use CBD is to ease chronic pain. Its anti-inflammatory effects make it a smart choice for arthritis patients, among others.

Like humans, some cats suffer from chronic pain and arthritis unrelated to age or injury. Another thing cats share with humans is that they often develop those conditions with age. Others have pain in their younger years after accidents and surgeries.

Whatever the cause of your cat’s pain, talk to its vet to see if CBD for pets is a wise treatment for the particular situation.

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3. Cat CBD Products May Lessen Seizures

CBD from marijuana is illegal on the federal level. CBD from hemp, though, is legal. That legal status paved the way for the FDA to approve Epidiolex, a groundbreaking CBD-based seizure medication for people.

Research on pet CBD products is lacking, so there’s not a lot of clear information as to whether cat CBD benefits kitties who suffer from seizures. However, all mammals respond to cannabinoids and the National Institute of Health discovered that epileptic rats find relief from CBD.

While cats and rats aren’t the same creatures, the evidence is strong enough that some vets recommend cat CBD for seizures. If you follow dosing instructions, CBD won’t hurt your cat, so it’s worth a try. A CBD product that doesn’t treat your cat’s seizures could help with mood conditions and other issues.

Open Your Mind to the Benefits of CBD for Cats and More

Administering CBD to your cat can make your furry friend’s life easier by reducing many common symptoms. After learning about the benefits of CBD for cats, you can use the knowledge to help your pet or share it with cat owners that you know.

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