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Career Opportunities In the Finance Industry



Career Opportunities

The finance sector is the base of every business that happens across the globe. It is one of the highest paying career opportunities among all other industries. Having a degree & skill related to the finance sector provides many opportunities with a wide range of choices,

Finance is not only about managing money, and it includes lots of ground like fundraising, Planning, managing schemes, investing into the right business, trade-investment, collecting the money flow according to business requirement, stock shares, & budget-making.

As we know, last year’s pandemic has changed a lot of industry workflows, and the urge to manage the financial aspect of the business is growing faster from this year.

There will be more than 42000 job requirements related to this industry by 2026.

In this blog, we are going to take you through some effective options from this industry.


Investment banking includes banking operations that help individuals/business organizations raise capital funds and provide financial consultancy.

You will be working as intermediaries between investors & security issuers, who help them buy/sell the share at a negotiable price in the market, Sell shares to other firms/ to the public, and take a commission on each successful deal.

Investment banking is not an easy career path. It includes research about the shares, shares trade information, trading security, networking with the investors, and latest market trends knowledge.

For example ;

A company /individual wants to buy the XYZ company, and they have no idea about the worth of XYZ, what will be the cost of the deal, what kind of profit they are getting from this buy related to money, revenues & future profits, etc. In this case, investment banking will come into action, and they will check the worth of the XYZ company, prepare related documents, get all the information related to the XYZ company, and settle the deal for their clients.

2- Corporate finance :

The base of every business/corporate is finance management on which their organization runs. Corporate finance does that finance management job for an organization. It involves the Planning & execution of financial management for the company’s economic growth.

It includes revenue making, share pricing, money funding, product development, organization development, & all the functional areas related to money. Just Explore corporate finance institute reviews for further learnings.

There is an estimation of 54% job growth by the end of 2024 in the corporate finance sector. So if you are planning to have a career in the corporate sector, this year is a great time

to kick off your career.

3- Public accounting 

Public accounting has a wide range of career opportunities around the market. Certified public accountants provide tracking & monitoring of their financial records. The job of a public accountant is to record financial transactions, prepare a financial list, audit record, review financial statements, prepare tax record list, & give you insight into the whole financial records.

Corporate/financial institutions, private firms, and individuals will likely hire you. The requirement for a public accountant is increasing in current times. These are some major giant firms that hire people for this post.

E.X- Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Ernst & Young, and KPMG.

4- Commercial banking 

Commercial banking works as a financial institution that provides a different range of financial services like checking and savings account, deposit & withdrawal amount, loan offer service, and financial saving features for individuals & corporate.

The job posts in the commercial banking sector are bank tellers, loan officers, operation, marketing, branch manager, and accountant.

Commercial banking numbers in the market are pretty great, with lots of opportunities in their respective sector.

For the next 20-30 years, commercial banking will always be in demand, so for you, it’s a great time to choose this profession for your career.

5- Financial Planning 

Financial Planning is a service through which you provide financial plans & reports to individuals, professionals, corporate houses, & organizations to live a lifestyle that fits their economic aspects. The financial planner analyses their client’s financial records & goals and makes a financial plan based on income, saving, investment, & funds, to create a life that their client needs.

The workspace of the financial planner is generally firm, groups, organizations & individuals.

The service charge/income of a financial planner depends upon experience, talent & networking. A colossal scope is available in this sector of finance.

6- Portfolio management 

 Portfolio management is a process of maintaining an overall investment record without going into much deeper details for their clients/organization. The role of the portfolio manager for organization’s portfolio is to find their chances, qualities, shortcomings, and reducing problems in the domestic market and global business sectors across various zones from the obligation to value and from development to security boost benefits at least risk.

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The road to becoming a portfolio manager goes through a bachelor’s degree in finance, a master’s degree in economics,& through MBA certification.

The avg salary for a portfolio manager is around $70k-90k per year. Portfolio manager Generally works for big tech firms, investment organizations,& corporate houses.

7- Stockbroking:

Stockbroking provides offers to retail and institutional investors a chance to buy & sell their share ownership. A stockbroker is a high payout job for each individual who knows the stock market, stock trend, share price analysis, & market trends . Their job is to share their advice/plans with their clients on which stock share they should buy /invest money in it.

On every successful trade share, they take a commission on each trade.

Stockbroking is one of the highest money-making professions around the globe.

So if you are interested in the stock market, you should choose stockbroking as your profession.

ALL the careers mentioned above have high opportunities in finance; they all are highly recommendable. If you are a finance student seeking a career in the finance industry, then go for all the jobs mentioned above.

James Smith is the writer for Munchkin Press. He is a young American writer from California and is currently traveling around the world. He has a passion for helping people and motivates others.

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