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What Are the Best Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality?



Improve Indoor Air Quality

Breathing clean air makes a significant impact on your health. It’s the primary reason home air quality should stay fresh throughout the day.

Poor air quality can result in mild to severe health complications. At the same time, if air pollutants are present, it will cause further irritation.

You can Improve Indoor Air Quality and keep the air clean to prevent these problems. So, here are a few ways to help you maintain breathing fresh air indoors.

1. Clean and Replace Air Filters

Your home HVAC system is responsible for maintaining comfort all day long. The more they cycle air, the more they gather air pollutants.

And so, it is necessary to replace the air filters every few months to prevent clogging and wear.

The 20x23x1 air filter is standard-sized but may vary depending on your system. Nonetheless, you can purchase air filters almost anywhere.

2. Check Ducts and Vents

Air passes through the ducts and vents before spreading across your home. Incorrect installation and lack of maintenance lead to damage and debris accumulation.

Clean your ducts and vents every once in a while to prevent dust and dirt buildup. If they have filters, remember to replace these too.

3. Control Humidity Levels

Regulating humidity benefits your home in several ways beyond Improve Indoor Air Quality. It also allows room for stable temperature, lower moisture levels, and reduced damage.

You can control humidity by:

  • Sealing cracks and gaps in a room
  • Weatherstripping doors and windows
  • Adding insulation
  • Installing a dehumidifier

4. Improve Ventilation

Allowing better air circulation is another way to control humidity while improving indoor air.

Proper ventilation eliminates indoor air pollutants by pushing them outdoors. It allows air to pass through filters going out and into your home.

5. Maintain a Clean Home

Keeping your home clean from dust and other elements helps better home air quality.

A clean home is also more comfortable and makes you feel more refreshed.

6. Consider Getting Plants

Plants act as natural air purifiers and filters, particularly to their surroundings. On top of that, they also add visuals and color to your home’s design.

Make sure to choose a plant that can survive indoors and carry no harmful compounds to children or pets. It’s also vital to consider whether the plant needs higher or lower maintenance.

7. Maximize Your HVAC

Use your home HVAC system and how it controls the air to your advantage.

Update your thermostat to let it activate other devices whenever necessary. Set your HVAC system to operate at specific settings every time something in the air changes.

These are a few ways to keep it efficient even across seasons.

Try These Tips to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Good air quality keeps you comfortable and healthy, even more so when spending all day indoors!

So what’s more to wait? Follow these suggestions to guarantee you are breathing fresh air, day in and out.

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